Cyberpunk 2077: weapons guide

Cyberpunk 2077: weapons guide
In Cyberpunk 2077, fights are a fundamental element of gameplay. Consequently, choosing the right arsenal to take with you through the streets of Night City becomes almost an obligation for the player, which begins to get complex as you advance through the criminal undergrowth of the city.

Let's see which ones are the peculiar characteristics of this system and how to exploit them to our advantage in this Cyberpunk 2077 weapons guide.

The classes

In Cyberpunk 2077 there are two macro-groups of weapons: those from distance and those for the melee. The first are divided into three main classes: Traditional, Smart and Technological. The latter, however, are differentiated into Blades and Blunt Weapons.

Traditional Weapons

This category includes all weapons that require gunpowder to function. The bullets of the latter have the ability to bounce off the surfaces, so as to be able to hit the enemies that take cover behind the covers.

They are some of the most readily available weapons, as they have existed for much longer and the their cost is much more affordable for the citizens of Night City.

Traditional weapons are very effective against humans with few implants.

Smart Weapons

Smart weapons are all those guns that fire homing micro-projectiles in very tight bursts. With these devices it is not necessary to be precise in aiming, as the bullets will automatically reach the targets that fall within the large scope that appears on the screen when you hold such a pistol or rifle.

They do not inflict the same amount of damage per hit from traditional or tech weapons, but they can be quite efficient, especially if you find one that does a lot of damage.

Note that you have to stay a bit far from the target to allow the homing bullets to hit.

Technological Weapons

The technological weapons are essential for breaking down enemy defenses and for piercing particularly resistant armor or layers of metal. As a result, they're great at fighting drones, mechs, and all those "no longer too human" humans. In addition, the shots can be charged, so as to inflict further damage.


This category includes all those sidearms capable of cutting and, therefore , kill. Here we find katanas, knives, machetes and anything else that is a little sharp.

If saving your opponents is not your style, then blades are the choice for you.

Blunt Weapons

Blunt weapons are all those weapons that, unlike blades, are not lethal, but will still KO your enemies. This category includes weapons such as batons and baseball bats.

Fundamental if you have to deliver some criminal alive, or you don't like killing anyone.

Types of firearms

As per tradition, even in Cyberpunk 2077 we find the most common types of firearms, appropriately adapted to the setting period of the title. So there are pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and so on.

Each of these types can be found within the three main classes. So there can be smart shotguns with tracer bullets, traditional pistols or devastating technological sniper rifles.

We recommend that you always have a traditional weapon equipped alongside a smart or technological one and one for melee, but it is up to you to apply the various combinations to the events you are about to face.

Rarity system

Also in Cyberpunk 2077 we find a rarity system for the weapons we get during our game .

The latter can be:

Common (White) Uncommon (Green) Rare (Blue) Epic (Purple) Legendary (Orange)

In addition, some weapons will be classified as Iconic. This basically means that you will not find others in the game world.

For this reason, when you acquire them, you will also be provided with the project to recreate these weapons (sometimes at a higher level), in the unfortunate event in which you lose or sell them carelessly.

Mods and accessories

Some weapons can be improved with the help of accessories and mods, which can be purchased or found within the game world .

With the accessories, more clearly identifiable elements are added, such as the presence of a more performing sight or a silencer.

Mods, on the other hand, are improvements that allow you to increase certain parameters of the weapon, such as critical damage or limb damage, or to make bullets non-lethal, for example.

Some weapons will have more or less slots available to add such modifications. Obviously, this depends on the type of weapon and, sometimes, also on its rarity.


Some systems can be equipped in place of weapons, such as mantis blades, arms gorilla or the projectile launching system.

Managing weapons in the inventory

By opening the inventory, you can choose your own equipment.

On the left, you can find three slots, unlocked right away. In these you can choose to equip as many weapons.

Each weapon has its own power and damage per second value, sometimes accompanied by different peculiar characteristics, such as additional damage or different multipliers.

If you have already equipped a weapon, once you want to replace it, the game will organize the inventory in such a way that the weapons are shown in descending order of DPS, so as to be able to understand even with a quick glance if you have collected something better than what you are using.

The greater or lesser power of a weapon is also underlined by an arrow in the upper right corner of that item's icon (green if more powerful, red if less powerful).

Returning to the inventory menu, at the bottom right you can find the quick access items. The slot on the left is dedicated to the type of grenade, while the one on the right is reserved for inhalers, which allow you to access various temporary upgrades, such as restoring health.

Level and reputation

To use certain weapons you will need to have an adequate level and reputation. If you do not fulfill these requests, you will have to wait until you reach the goal necessary to take up these weapons.

The role of skills

You can buy them within the attribute tree talents that improve skills with a certain type of weapon.

For those from a distance, it is necessary to refer to the branch of Reflexes, where it is possible to unlock, through talent points, new skills in the three sub-classes of the latter, or rather Assault, Guns and Blades.

For hand-to-hand combat and low-range weapons, however, we must refer to the Physics branch and its three sections: Athletics, Annihilation and Street Fighter.

This was our Cyberpunk 2077 weapons guide. We hope it was helpful.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the management of the paraphernalia implemented by CD Projekt.

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