Xbox Series X | S: Twitch Marathon (over 3 days) to prepare us for launch

Xbox Series X | S: Twitch Marathon (over 3 days) to prepare us for launch
Mentana dodge! To prepare for the launch of Xbox Series X | S has prepared a Twitch marathon spread over three days full of games, opinions and special links. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, we will be live from 14 to 20 continuously and with a single common thread: Xbox Series X | S.

On November 10, in fact, the new generation of Microsoft will debut in stores and for this reason we will spend the next few days to show you the console live (have you read the Xbox Series X review?) to explain its features, but above all to show live what it is capable of, that is showing all the available games, testing live the his performances and analyzing his abilities.

All the best-known faces of the Terni editorial team will alternate in front of the screen such as Francesco Serino, Emanuele Gregori, Raffaele Staccini and Pierpaolo Greco, but Umberto Moioli will also join, Vincenzo Letter and Aligi Comandini, among others.

There will be guests and surprises, so don't miss it! But above all, actively participate in the live broadcast with questions, comments and curiosities. You can start writing your questions in the comments below, so you can start making contact with the editorial staff.

Don't forget that you can interact with us in chat, in the comments to this news or on the official Telegram group of, where you will find many other fans like you to chat with.

You can follow the streaming within this news, in the dedicated box or directly on our Twitch channel, using the official app on iOS and Android. Sign up to receive notifications of new videos!

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