Rimac shows the C_Two crash tests: millions of dollars in pieces

Rimac shows the C_Two crash tests: millions of dollars in pieces
In fact, there are eleven cars built by the Croatian manufacturer - which in 2016 launched its first car, the Concept One - which it decided to totally destroy in the Crash test to obtain the coveted road homologation of its new model, the C_Two.

With a maximum power of 1914 hp and 2300 Nm of torque, the new vehicle represents a real electric monster capable of reaching 415 km / h of speed and covering the sprint from 0-100 in just 1 , 97 seconds. Like all the most famous thermal combustion hypercars, Rimac C_Two will also be available in just 150 units at a mind-boggling single figure; in fact, the Croatian car will be available for just over $ 2 million, practically the price of a Pagani Huayra.

Who is Rimac?

The company based in Zagreb boasts 800 prominent employees and partnerships such as that with Pininfarina - famous car designers such as Ferrari Enzo - and highly qualified personnel such as Chris Porritt - former Tesla Vice President - with the sole aim of bringing Rimac to the highest levels. Do not forget the presence of honorable testimonials such as Nico Rosberg - former Formula 1 champion - who recently ordered his personal C_Two.

The car should have gone into production as early as 2020 but, to due to the problems related to the Coronavirus pandemic, everything has been postponed to 2021.

Eleven hypercars hit the wall

For some time now the manufacturer has started all the operations necessary to simulate, to computer, the accident behavior of the individual components and now it seems that the time has come for the field test. It is a decisive process aimed at evaluating some important key factors such as:

Airbag operation Steering column behavior Pedalboard behavior Passenger compartment deformation Absorption of impact energy For all these tests Rimac will use a total of 18 cars, 11 of which will be totally destroyed. Once this hard test has been passed, the green light will be given to production which will begin next year in the Croatian factory.

In the video published on the official Rimac channel, the behavior of the car is analyzed in two different Crash tests, one at 40 Km / h and one at 56 Km / h; in both cases the results obtained demonstrated the excellent commitment achieved by the small Croatian company, even exceeding the expectations of the engineers.

The road to reach and obtain approval is still long and treacherous, however, observing the results achieved in the first preliminary tests, Rimac could receive the honor without particular additional effort. This will be an important year for the company, both for the production of the cars and for the possible acquisition of the Bugatti brand.

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