Guardia di Finanza, stopped thousands of sites

Guardia di Finanza, stopped thousands of sites
300 illegal services and a thousand websites stopped: this is yet another crackdown by the Guardia di Finanza against the "pezzotti" who allow illegal access to pay TV and their contents (football in primis) .

Turn of the screw on the pezzotti

The mechanism is the known one: special devices are purchased that allow access to protected data flows, setting up a real alternative transmission to that official, at reduced prices. These mechanisms take away important funds from TVs that invest in content (sports or cinema) and customers become accomplices in a mechanism that generates a millionaire turnover.

The suspicions of the Guardia di Finanza are related to the possible collaboration with mafia gangs, which makes the flow of money doubly dangerous as it is useful for investing in further malfeasance. The users of the blocked services found a notice from the Guardia di Finanza on the display already on the occasion of this week's championship advance and their illegal "subscription" therefore ends here: the sites involved are officially under seizure.

The investigations will continue and also for the users concerned there is the risk of direct involvement: it must be clear to everyone that the message of the Yellow Flames is a yellow card raised towards all those who still rely on this type market in order to illegally use one's favorite contents.

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