Windows 10, if you update beware of certificates

Windows 10, if you update beware of certificates
It seems that several users, after updating their version of Windows 10 via ISO images or outdated physical media, found themselves lacking some system certificates.

Apparently, this problem shouldn't affect those who have updated through Windows Update or Windows Update for Business, as the data always refers to the latest version available.

According to the company from Redmond, the operating systems affected by this phenomenon are both clients (Windows 10 1903 and later) which server (Windows Server 1903 and later).

Microsoft said:

User and system certificates may be lost when updating a device from Windows 10 , version 1809 or later, to a newer version of Windows 10. Devices will only be affected if they have already installed the latest cumulative update (LCU) released on September 16, 2020 or later and later. Please proceed to upgrade to a later version of Windows 10 from media or from an installation source that does not have an October 13, 2020 or later LCU integrated.

Microsoft has assured that installation media will be provided and bundles updated over the next few weeks as soon as the exact source of this bug is identified.

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A possible temporary solution to the problem is that to return to the previous version of Windows 10 through the official instructions on the site.

We remind you that it is possible to carry out this procedure within a certain period of time (from 10 to 30 days), depending on the configuration of your environment of work, which can be extended with the following DISM command choosing an interval from 2 to 60 days:

DISM / Online / Set-OSUninstallWindow / Value: [days]

Today we also talked to you about how Microsoft intends to renew the Windows 10 interface, given that the first rumors and the first images of the new Fluent Design and the new WinUI have already circulated on the net. A further preview of what one of the next versions of Windows might look like was offered by Microsoft itself with the inclusion of some screenshots within its own application. Tips.

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