Who Communicates Best in Esports? Among the companies dominates Ferrari, AS Roma and Qlash

Who Communicates Best in Esports? Among the companies dominates Ferrari, AS Roma and Qlash
For the first time, the Esports Media Report analyzed an important aspect for the evolution of the Italian export movement: who is able to have more media coverage and better communicate their projects?

This is the question you found response in the virtual event organized by the Italian Esports Observatory in collaboration with the creative agency Arkage, which laid the foundations for an analysis on companies, football clubs, teams, gamers and the most media streamers in the Italian market .

The ranking of companies is dominated by Ferrari, which with the 3.2 thousand mentions of the Esports project wins the record, far ahead of the second ranked brand Asus (1.8 thousand). The top 5 is completed by Samsung (1.68 thousand) and Red Bull, Logitech and TIM (all tied for 1.6 thousand).

Among the football teams, AS Roma stands out, with 668 mentions winning the primacy among the most important Serie A clubs in the Italian Esports panorama. It follows immediately behind Inter (504). The surprise Monza completes the podium (426 mentions), which despite being a Serie B club, even surpasses Juventus (371) in terms of export communication. Followed by Fiorentina with 360 mentions and Milan with 355.

In the category of Esports teams, the primacy is firmly in the hands of Qlash, which with 17.6 thousand mentions in the media outstrips the second placed MCES at 3.91. thousand. Mkers (1.74 thousand), Exeed (1.41 thousand) and Outplayed (814) follow immediately behind.

The survey on gamers and streamers has highlighted the glaring disparity in strength between the social and media universe. The players who usually have more following on the platforms do not necessarily manage to find space on traditional media. This is the case, for example, of Nicola "Nicaldan" Lillo, who despite not being at the top of the ranking of Italian gamers by following social media conquers the primacy of most media gamer with 242 mentions. Carmine "Naples17x" Liuzzi and Alfonso "Grayfox" Mereu complete the podium with 169 mentions. All three were part of the Italian PES eNazionale and their media success was driven by the victory of the first European in the category.

Lorenzo Ostuni in art confirms the primacy both on social media and on the media. " Favij ", with 90 mentions. Mirko Alessandrini "Cicciogamer89" (45 mentions) and Giorgio Calandrelli (32 mentions) follow with smaller numbers.

The Report was developed by the Arkage team specialized in Arkage data-powered creativity. To obtain the aforementioned insights, Arkage has deployed the best skills and the best web monitoring and business intelligence tools, thus managing to develop a mapping and objective measurement of the buzz related to the topics in question, on a large scale.

The event, enjoyed in virtual mode, saw a large audience participation and the interventions of Paolo Carito, Lega Pro strategic development, commercial and marketing director, Enrico Gelfi and Luigi Caputo co-founder of the Italian Esports Observatory, Andrea Pomponi , head of Arkage Milano, and Daniele Duso, editor-in-chief of Esportsmag.

With the Esports Media Report, the OIES confirms itself as the engine of the evolution of the Italian export movement, and the main reality that continuously monitors trends , to deliver a clear picture of the opportunities to stakeholders who want to invest in the sector. This first edition of the Esports Media Report will be followed by others that will represent the first continuous monitoring of the media strength of the main players in the Italian export market.

"The Esports Media Report represented a first fundamental step in the understanding of Esports in Italy - comment Luigi Caputo and Enrico Gelfi, founders of the Observatory - For the first time, a quantitative analysis was conducted with objective parameters on which stakeholders are currently investing more and better in communication. gamers notice this disparity between their commitment to social growth and the lack of it in dealing with the impact on traditional media. This will certainly be a trait to improve for the players who represent the offer in the Italian export market. More investments in communication are the same. to greater attractiveness for corporate investments The mission of the OIES is just this: to offer the necessary knowledge to all stakeholders to understand and improve the esports sector in Italy. The great success of this first edition has confirmed to us that comparisons can make a positive contribution to the harmonious growth of the sector ".

" The involvement of the public during the presentation of the results and the important evidences that emerged, have confirmed the relevance of this report and the interest of the public and companies in the Italian export market, and confirm the great opportunity for brands and players in the sector in a moment of great change like the one we are experiencing. We will address this issue again in the next virtual events Arkage New Normal, the digital talk series to understand the new scenario created by Covid19 ", says Andrea Pomponi of Arkage.

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