MtgO: 2019 Magic Online Championship, all the details

MtgO: 2019 Magic Online Championship, all the details
Hello everyone from your Flavio "Reflax" Pisani. In a difficult climate due to the return to vogue of the lockdown, I take the opportunity to recommend an event to follow this weekend on Twitch while you are well closed at home!

Today we don't talk about MTGA as usual but we move on the second most popular platform dedicated to the world of Magic: the Gathering, or MtgO (Magic: the Gathering Online).

This weekend - from 13/11 to 18.00 Italian time to 15/11 - we will be able to enjoy the show of the best Magic Online possible thanks to challenges between some of the best and most famous players in the online world, all live on the official Magic Twitch channel!


The name already explains it quite well but in practice we are talking about a championship dedicated solely to the world of online gaming that takes place on the MtgO platform.

Only twenty-four have access to this super exclusive event players in the world selected trams ite a very long system of tournaments and qualifiers (it even lasts a year) and definitely not accessible to players who are not very prepared for the fatigue that this game can lead to face.

Here are the names of the participants in the tournament:

Name Surname Qualification Path Mattia Oneto Defending Champion Fabrizio Anteri Playoff 1 Matti Kuisma Playoff 2 Brandon Pascal Playoff 3 Baker Neenan Playoff 4 Petr Daněk MOCS Open 1 Juan Jose Rodriguez Lopez MOCS Open 2 Philip Steudel MOCS Open 3 Yutaro Yamagata MOCS Open 4 Michael Jacob MOCS Open 5 Alexandr Rossijcenko MOCS Open 6 Eddie Daniel Diaz MOCS Open 7 Aniol Alcaraz Coca MOCS Open 8 Toni Ramis Pascual Modern Champion Joseph Burkett Vintage Champion Matthew Vook Legacy Champion Jamie Schonveld Pauper Champion Goncalo Pinto At Large Logan Nettles At Large Etienne Busson At Large Oliver Tiu At Large Lars Dam At Large Christoffer Larsen At Large Daniel Garcia At Large

As you have noticed, the name at the top of the list is that of the Italian Mattia Oneto. Last year the boy from Varese took home first place by defeating one of the strongest and most feared players in the world: Marcio Carvalho! Will he manage to remain the king of the hill this year ?!


Let's see on which grounds our Mattia will have to compete with the contenders in his place of leader.

Day 1

The tournament will kick off with one of the notoriously most skill-intensive formats in all of Magic, three rounds of Vintage Cube!

What it's all about ? Easy! It's very similar to what we're used to seeing and playing as a draft in Magic Arena. Players will have three packs of 15 cards each from which to choose one and pass the alter to the next player, so as to run out of cards. With those choices they will then form their own pool to create a deck of forty cards. In particular, the Vintage Cube has within it some of the strongest and most iconic cards in the history of the game, we are talking about big pieces like Black Lotus, Mox Emerald, Splinter Twin, Tinker and - from the latest expansion - Agadeesm 'Awakening. In short, the crème de la crème for what concerns the power level.

Always remaining in Day one we will then have four rounds of what is the most played format of the moment, the Modern! For those unfamiliar with it, here we are talking about a built format (as opposed to the Vintage Cube which is defined limited) as the standard but which leaves a much larger pool of expansions available to players starting from Zendikar Rising and going backwards up to Eighth Edition (Let's go back to 2003, in any case here you will find all the relevant information).

Day 2

After the first day The players will face each other in three more rounds by Vintage Cube and then moving on to the last born among the Wizard house formats for four rounds, the Pioneer. We are talking about a format born just over a year on which the WotC has focused a lot (all the biggest pre-pandemic face-to-face tournaments were based on the Pioneer). After these 14 rounds in total we will have Day3.

(NB on MtgO the Best of One is not supported in competitive games all rounds will take place in Best of Trhee)

Day 3

The day of the finals! We got to the games among the best four players of the first two days. Players will face off in single-elimination challenges again in Bo3. More games will be played, the first in modern format, the second in pioneer and if the third is required, the player with the highest score between the two will choose the format between the two mentioned above. So we will come to have the name of the MtgO World Champion!


Yes, the question arises: if we have among us the best players in the online world what are the prizes in prize for this competition? There you have it!

Place Prize:

1: $ 50,000 2: $ 30,000 3-4: $ 15,000 5-8: $ 10,000 9-16: $ 7,500 17-24: $ 5,000 TOTAL: $ 250,000 $ 250,000 to be divided among the participants. Getting to be among the best twenty-four must have been tough but it's definitely worth it!


Would you like to be among next year's participants too ?! Welcome to the club! At this address you can find all the information to become one of the fantastic twenty-four at the top of MtgO!

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