What will happen to TikTok in the US tomorrow?

What will happen to TikTok in the US tomorrow?
For reasons that are more than understandable, in recent weeks the attention of the overseas press has focused on the Presidential elections who elected Joe Biden as the next tenant of the White House. And in the meantime his predecessor still in office, Donald Trump, was too busy with the final rush to the polls to deal with anything else. The tycoon was so absorbed by the clash with his democratic rival that he forgot an issue that until recently was central to his speeches: the ban on TikTok.

Tomorrow, November 12th, the ban on TikTok will start in the USA?

Yet the calendar says that tomorrow, November 12th, the application could be banned in the United States, thus leaving the more than 100 million active users in the country with stars and stripes dry-mouthed. This is what was established just under two months ago, effectively granting the parent company ByteDance an additional period to satisfy the requests made by the USA in terms of requirements for the protection of national security. Today the Chinese group that controls the social network is asking a federal judge to intervene, through the official statement that we report in translated form below.

For a year TikTok has actively interacted with CFIUS in good faith to dissolve the doubts regarding national security, even if they disagree with assessments on the matter. In the nearly two months since the President gave his preliminary approval to our proposal on how to resolve concerns, we have come up with detailed solutions to finalize the deal, but without receiving substantive feedback regarding our extended framework for data privacy and security.

CFIUS, the committee on foreign investments in the United States, is called into question. The company that manages TikTok was asked to sell the US business related to the application to a local entity. Microsoft came forward first, but the offer was turned down. Then the US authorities did not consider the modalities of the collaboration announced with Oracle to be adequate, asking to reach a real acquisition and not a partnership that would in fact leave the platform in the hands of a Chinese giant. In all probability we will know more by tomorrow, perhaps in the next few hours.

Source: Axios

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