Update Adobe Acrobat and Reader now, fixed several vulnerabilities

Update Adobe Acrobat and Reader now, fixed several vulnerabilities
Adobe has released a new version of its well-known Adobe Acrobat and Reader software for Windows and macOS to address some serious vulnerabilities that would have allowed attackers to execute arbitrary code on vulnerable devices.

In total, the company, with the latest update eliminated 14 security holes affecting the two applications, ten of which were classified as important. Bugs could lead to arbitrary code execution, increased local privileges, information disclosure, arbitrary JavaScript execution, and dynamic library insertion.

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The table below shows the complete list of bugs fixed.

Vulnerability category Vulnerability impact Severity CVE number Heap-based buffer overflow Arbitrary Code Execution Critical CVE-2020 -24435 Improper access control Local privilege escalation Important CVE-2020-24433 Improper input validation Arbitrary JavaScript Execution Important CVE-2020-24432 Signature validation bypass Minimal (defense-in-depth fix) Moderate CVE-2020-24439 Signature verification bypass Local privilege escalation Important CVE-2020-24429 Improper input validation Information Disclosure Important CVE-2020-24427 Security feature bypass Dynamic library injection Important CVE-2020-24431 Out-of-bo unds write Arbitrary Code Execution Critical CVE-2020-24436 Out-of-bounds read Information Disclosure Moderata CVE-2020-24426

CVE-2020-24434 Race Condition Local privilege escalation Importane CVE-2020-24428 Use-after -free Arbitrary Code Execution Critical CVE-2020-24430

CVE-2020-24437 Use-after-free Information Disclosure Moderate CVE-2020-24438 As usual, we advise our readers to update their software as soon as possible to block any attacks that may be successful in the in case the latest patch has not been applied. We remind you that it is possible to manually update the products from the appropriate menu option, or you can re-download the complete software from the official Adobe website.

Last month, on the occasion of the Adobe MAX 2020 digital event , the company presented several innovations related to its well-known Photoshop and Lightroom software. In particular, for the well-known photo editing software used by professionals around the world, Photoshop, Adobe has announced the Sky Replacement function based on Adobe Sensei AI technology, two new selections of Refine Edge and the innovative neural filters that open a world of new ability to expand and elevate creativity in seconds. These features offer new ways to reduce complex workflows and at the same time give you access to a growing library of art filters to snap new ideas or refine images.

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