TheFork Pay arrives, that's how it works

TheFork Pay arrives, that's how it works
TheFork has announced a new collaboration with Fipe - Italian Federation of Public Exercises - to support a sector that has been severely tested by the recent restrictions due to the pandemic. The dialogue between the restaurant booking app and the trade association resumes, which have decided to collaborate again on takeaway and home delivery services and on the management methods of TheFork PAY.

On the first front, TheFork reconfirmed to Fipe that all the restaurants on the platform are offered the possibility to publish their contacts for home delivery and take-away, completely free of charge, for the duration of the new restrictions. These days TheFork is gathering the necessary information from restaurants and is starting to promote the addresses that have already joined.

As regards digital payments, TheFork has decided to accept the requests from restaurants expressed through Fipe aimed at leaving the choice of accepting TheFork PAY as a payment system optional. Following the meeting with Fipe and considering the particular economic situation due to COVID, TheFork undertakes to leave acceptance of the payment system at the discretion of the restaurateur. At the same time, TheFork is committed to promoting and encouraging the use of TheFork PAY, paying close attention to the needs of the restaurant world.

«TheFork PAY, in addition to being a payment method tout court, is a necessary step to enable gift cards, thus giving local businesses the opportunity to benefit from a market worth millions of euros, in a a moment when the sector, bent by the crisis, needs new oxygen »explained Almir Ambeskovic, TheFork VP Sales and Marketing. In line with the commitment to ensure that acceptance of TheFork PAY is optional, TheFork intends to make the service commissions for restaurants more competitive by remembering that there is no additional cost for the service by TheFork compared to that of the supplier. of payment services. In this context and in the light of the losses of the sector due to the current restrictions, TheFork will offer zero commissions until March 31, 2021, after which the fee will be equal to 1.25% + 25 euro cents.

How TheFork PAY works

Using TheFork PAY is very simple for both users and restaurateurs. Half an hour after the booking time, users receive a notification on their mobile that reminds them to pay with TheFork PAY. Alternatively, if the push is closed, a banner remains at the top of the app homepage with the PAY button. Opening it, they land directly on the payment page where they can enter the account amount and - if they have not already saved it - the credit card number. If, on the other hand, the card has already been saved, just select it. By clicking on the pay button, users can then finalize the transaction. The payment confirmation will be recorded in the app's history in the TheFork PAY section and will arrive via email.

As for restaurateurs, they will have to bring the bill to their customers as usual. At that point, they will enter the invoice amount in TheFork app, completing the payment. The restaurant owner will be able to check the payment directly from TheFork Manager, TheFork's management system, and will also receive a confirmation email and a transaction summary email for each service.

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