Tesla, Full Self-Driving put to the test with a U-turn

Tesla, Full Self-Driving put to the test with a U-turn
Tesla's Full Self-Driving software is still in beta, but it is already capable of driving the car on city streets, and since it was provided to a very small selection of user-testers we have begun to discover its behavior. This also includes the ability to perform a U-turn if necessary.

Full Self-Driving tester James Locke recently shared a video showing his tests, carried out on a Tesla Model 3 put in the conditions of having to make a 180 ° inversion. The test, which took place in Santa Clarita in California, was carried out with the software version 2020.40.8.13 with very interesting results.

The video shows 3 attempts: during the first, the car did not slow down to enough, forcing James to regain control and manually reverse. Surprisingly, however, in the second attempt the car slowed down by itself and carried out the entire maneuver autonomously, albeit at a very low speed. The third attempt went even better, as the car slowed down more naturally and performed the necessary maneuver without the slightest hesitation.

Judging from Locke's tests, it almost looks like the car is able to learn new behaviors in a few moments; in fact, after the first failed attempt, and the second made at a decidedly low speed, in the third case the maneuver was much smoother, almost as if a human pilot had made it. This information is difficult to understand, given that according to what Tesla officially communicates, the car should not be able to learn new behaviors in this way, but the only way to update its functions is through the releases of software updates provided by Tesla herself.

Below is the video posted by Locke, so you can judge for yourself.

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