PS5, bad news, uses Primitive Shaders: Series X uses Mesh Shaders

PS5, bad news, uses Primitive Shaders: Series X uses Mesh Shaders
What are the differences between PS5 and Xbox Series X? Difficult (and unfair) to make a complete comparison in a nutshell, but now we can point out at least one big difference: according to Digital Foundry, PS5 uses the Primitive Shaders of AMD's RDNA 1 architecture, while Xbox Series X uses Mesh Shaders. by RDNA 2.

The Primitive Shaders were presented in June 2019 for RDNA 1 and were shown by Sony in the “Road to PS5” presentation. Xbox Series X, on the other hand, has opted for the latest technologies and, not surprisingly, Microsoft has pointed this out in its marketing campaign in recent months, probably knowing that the direct competitor would not be able to offer the same level of technology. .

Digital Foundry say that Series X | S has a more complete programmable front end (Mesh Shaders / VRS / SFS) than the old PS5 primitive shaders.

Primitive Shaders were presented by AMD in June 2019 for RDNA1 and shown by Sony on "Road to PS5" presentation.

- Siri's Ex. (@ architectu2) October 30, 2020

However, this is not the only confirmation. PS5, in fact, lacks the INT8 / INT4 instructions used for machine learning. Xbox Series X, on the other hand, can use them. For now, machine learning and artificial intelligence don't have a great impact on the console ecosystem, but in the long run it could make a difference. Let's think for example of Nvidia's DLSS which is able to improve image quality and even the performance of games.

It's certainly not good news for PS5, which has to deal with a most powerful opponent. In fact, let's remember that, at the beginning of the PS4 - Xbox One generation, the Sony PlayStation console won the favor of the public (also) because it was slightly more powerful than Microsoft's gaming machine.

By now, this type of information will not change the results of D1 and the first few months (pre-orders have been sold-out practically everywhere for some time), but in the long run the public could turn their favor to Xbox Series X However, first party games will give a definitive answer to the question: we hope that Microsoft teams will release their products soon, they could really be a surprise.

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