PS5 back in preorder from MediaWorld, cancellation emails could be pishing

PS5 back in preorder from MediaWorld, cancellation emails could be pishing
Today PS5 was again available for preorder on the MediaWorld website, but users who managed to order it seem to have received a bitter surprise.

It seems that many of the orders placed have been canceled despite the confirmation and acceptance messages, perhaps due to an error in the quantities of PlayStation 5 initially communicated by the store.

[Update 4]

Yet another twist: emails are not phishing , but they just contain a link that wasn't supposed to be there that panicked users. However, we leave the paragraphs below to allow you to tidy up the chaos generated by the poor management of orders by Mediaworld.

[Update 3] Attention, because this story, which seems to have become a soap opera, could have been enriched with a new chapter. Apparently, in fact, order cancellation emails could be a sensational case of phishing. To send them would be the email, but what is written above would not be confirmed by the data reported in the users' accounts, where the order would still appear as paid and in progress.

There are several users who have confirmed this, creating strong doubts about the whole situation. However, some have also confirmed that their order is actually canceled, even if the account says the opposite. Our advice is to contact Mediaworld directly as they did to understand what is going on. Is there still hope for PS5 on day one on November 19th? Hard to say with this confusion.

Jim Ryan said that not everyone will be able to find a PS5 at launch and that prediction now seems dramatically true, if we also consider that PlayStation 5 will not be sold in stores unless we it is precisely a reservation.

If you are among those to whom MediaWorld has canceled the preorder made today, maybe write your testimony in the comments.

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