PS5 and Xbox Series X: the advantages for open worlds, according to Ubisoft

PS5 and Xbox Series X: the advantages for open worlds, according to Ubisoft
It is now a matter of hours to open the door that will lead us to the much desired next-gen and welcome the Xbox Series X | S and in a few days the same greeting will also be addressed to PS5. There are those who have already made their decision, but also those who continue to wonder which console will be the best from a hardware point of view. In this regard, we also point out our reviews of PS5 and Xbox Series X. Already from the first reflections and the first analyzes, it is clear that Xbox Series X and PS5 are certainly two consoles with great potential. To confirm this is Galvin Whitlock, lead programmer of Watch Dogs Legion, who in a recent interview with WCCFTech, stated his thoughts on the advantages that the next-gen consoles are able to offer, especially thinking about the open world.

“There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to making big open worlds on HDD. Being able to load our models and textures with this new, more precise approach allows us to fill our memory with the things you see on the screen at that particular moment, rather than what you should see later. This will have a big impact on the visual variety and complexity of the world we can create. For Watch Dogs Legion, we worked closely with first-party partners to make sure loading times were fully optimized. In the future, a reorganization of the way we make our open-world games will allow us to push ourselves further thanks to all the advantages that the hardware of the new consoles offer us, ”says Galvin Whitlock.

“I am impressed with the increased CPU capabilities of next-gen consoles. We want to create more complex simulations and bring more life to the worlds we create. All of this requires CPU power and we can't wait to make artificial intelligence simulations, animations and physics more realistic and engaging. I want the actions of the players to have a real impact on the game world and on the subjects that populate it. We have just started using ray tracing hardware. We will continue to use it to make lighting more dynamic and real. It is a moment of real innovation and I am excited thinking about what we can achieve with this hardware ”concludes the lead programmer.

Certainly Galvin Whitlock's statements fuel great curiosity and enthusiasm for the huge Xbox Series X | S and PS5 consoles. We can't wait to see these considerations in practice and also to understand what other developers think. We have a long generation ahead to see how they will be able to develop and rethink open worlds in the upcoming gaming era. We expect great things and we are ready to share every detail with you.

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