Poste Italiane, the SPID falls on the day of the bonus

Poste Italiane, the SPID falls on the day of the bonus
Precisely in the hours of greatest influx as a consequence of the click day for the mobility bonus, the SPID of Poste Italiane finds itself in serious difficulty. There are many comments we receive in these minutes to report the blocking of the identification system, a fundamental requirement to be able to access the ministry's website and thus be able to register your bonus.

Poste Italiane, the SPID is blocked

To our reports is added the indication of a service such as Down Detector, according to which from 11 this morning the reports relating to the outage began to add up. The group is providing assistance in these minutes on this Twitter channel, inviting users to send private messages to provide targeted assistance.

It is not clear what the origin of the problem may be, nor if Poste will be able to pose it a solution with times compatible with those of the mobility bonus: those who arrive late, in fact, risk running out of bonuses. The SPID of Poste Italiane is by far the most widespread in our country, which probably led to an overload on the group's servers during the hours of greatest request for the bonus.

Update 1.15pm

After two hours the problem continues to persist. It is not possible to have further information by virtue of the fact that assistance via Twitter does not publicly write what happened, but merely provides dedicated assistance to individuals by requesting private messages. The Down Detector monitoring however confirms that the problems persist, at the moment without decreases in the number of reports; the same thing on Twitter, where the messages continue to flow.

The problem is not only technical, of course: users who, due to the blocked SPID, cannot apply for the bonus, could lose not indifferent figures precisely because of the disservice. This could have a considerable controversial aftermath, given the number of users involved and the overall potential damage.

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