One More Thing: MacBook Pro and Air with Apple Silicon

One More Thing: MacBook Pro and Air with Apple Silicon
The One More Thing event organized by the bitten apple for November 10 will almost certainly focus on the novelties destined for the Mac catalog and in more detail on the models with Apple Silicon hardware based on ARM architecture. According to what leaked through Bloomberg's pages, a 13-inch MacBook Air and two 13-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros will be shown.

New MacBooks with Apple Silicon at the One More Thing event

The upgrade will concern the technical data sheet of the devices, while the design should remain substantially unchanged compared to that of the models already in circulation. The debut should be set around the beginning of 2021.

The same source also talks about work in progress on the iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro lines, but in this case referring to a restyling: the last of the trio, in particular, should be characterized by far more compact dimensions than the current ones. Here is an excerpt from the indiscretion in translated form.

Apple engineers are currently building a new Mac Pro with a similar design to the current one, but almost halved in size. It is not clear if it will replace the version on the market today or if it will represent an additional model.

The internal design of the hardware components will allow the Cupertino group to optimize every aspect of the products, intervening with optimizations also at the design level. The current model was presented last year at the WWDC 2019 event. In any case, the debut of the next iMacs, Mac mini and Mac Pro should not be around the corner: they are expected between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, in line with the deadlines estimated by Apple to complete the transition from Intel at ARM.

Source: Bloomberg

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