Observer System Redux: a trailer dedicated to DualSense

Observer System Redux: a trailer dedicated to DualSense
Bloober Team has released a new trailer of Observer System Redux for PS5, in which we can see how the unique features of DualSense have been exploited to improve the gaming experience.

The movie is really interesting, because it still shows once the potential of the PS5 controller when well used. It also allows you to take a new look at the next-gen edition of the cyberpunk horror adventure which is among the best things done by this talented development team, of which we will soon be able to play the promising The Medium.

Runs l year 2084. The future turned out to be much darker than we could have imagined. First there was the nanophage, a digital plague that claimed thousands upon thousands of victims among those who had empowered their bodies and minds.

Then the war broke out which left both east and west decimated and shattered. With no one left to claim power, the companies took control and each established their own empire based on corruption.

You are nothing but a corporate tool of oppression, feared and despised, that hacks and violates the innermost corners of the minds of suspects. You are the person who infiltrates their dreams, who bares their fears and who takes whatever elements are necessary for their own investigation. You are an Observer.

You will play as Daniel Lazarski, an elite neural detective played by well-known cyberpunk icon Rutger Hauer. As an Observer, you will hack the minds of suspects to extract evidence and clues. Any of their feelings, thoughts or memories can be used to solve the case.

Using a device known as the Dream Eater, hack the minds of the dead and dying to relive their last moments of life and probe their fears and obsessions. Enter the twisted neural mazes and search for clues that can help you find the elusive killer. But be careful, because the deeper you push yourself, the more you risk losing your own mental health.

Explore a world torn apart by war and the cybernetic scourge where life has almost no value and hope is almost extinguished; where most people are willing to do anything to escape their tormented existence; where virtual realities, mind-altering drugs and neural implants have become the preferred poison to escape the real world and indulge in happy oblivion.

But remember that no matter how deep you isolate yourself, there is no way to hide from an Observer.

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