Godfall: First tests for PS5 - ratings and conclusions on the launch title

Godfall: First tests for PS5 - ratings and conclusions on the launch title
Godfall is one of the first games for PS5. The new action role-playing game appears just in time for the launch of the new Sony console: It will be released today in the USA and Japan. In Germany, the PlayStation 5 will go on sale on November 19th. The first tests of Godfall will go online around the launch. In our overview below, we have compiled the first ratings and conclusions. Godfall does not go beyond mediocrity in the previous tests. On Metacritic, the average rating is currently 61 percent - with five submitted reviews. Further tests are likely to follow in the coming days.

However, the tests always provide an initial indication of the quality of the action RPG. Godfall is a "big surprise" for the God is a Geek (85) portal. It borrows the battle system from God of War and has enough loot to compete with Diablo. In the GamesRadar test (70), points are deducted for repetitive structures. Godfall received a rating of 50 percent in the test by Digital Trends. (buy now 37.95 €)

The action RPG promises impressive graphics and an impressive combat system. But Godfall is nothing more than a "sparse dungeon crawler". EGM (40), on the other hand, describes the action RPG in the test as sluggish with a complicated combat system. There is also a deduction for the story. Eurogamer.de also criticizes the plot and the design: Both are therefore free of any identity.

Godfall in the test - First ratings for PS5

God is a Geek - 85

Godfall is a massive surprise. It borrows combat from God of War and has enough loot to make Diablo blush. It may look garish but it's well designed and has that "one more go" factor.

GamesRadar + - 70

An enjoyable hack and slash looter that plays well despite a sparse, repeating structure.

Digital Trends - 50

Godfall offers a lot of promise with its impressive visuals and impactful combat, but those highlights are lost in a sparse dungeon crawler that sells its strengths short. It's far different than the Destiny 2 clone fans were anticipating, but that live service style may have been a better fit for its commitment to loot grinding.

The Gamer - 50

Godfall is the quintessential launch game. This gilded PS5 exclusive shows off the power of the new hardware with its intricate, reflective halls of gold and obsidian, bioluminescent plant life, and enemies who explode in a shower of particles. "Next-gen is here," it shouts, in a scream that's barely perceptible over the whistle of high-speed steel. Underneath all of that sheen and noise, though, there's nothing new at all.

EGM - 40

Godfall's sluggish, overly complicated combat, hilariously paper-thin story, and numerous technical issues make it a lowlight of the PlayStation 5's launch lineup.

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