Aruba buys Idroelettrica Veneta: cloud and sustainability

Aruba buys Idroelettrica Veneta: cloud and sustainability
New step announced today by Aruba in the path that is leading the Italian cloud provider to make its business increasingly compliant with environmental sustainability criteria: the group confirms the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Idroelettrica Veneta against an economic investment quantified at 11 million euros. It is part of the strategy that will lead the company to produce more and more renewable energy, thus compensating for the growth in consumption generated by the provision of the services offered, from hosting to PEC, up to the registration of domains. An increase particularly felt in the last period, thanks to a large-scale adoption of online solutions and tools, also for collaboration in the business sector.

The Veneta hydroelectric plants for the cloud of Aruba

As a result of the agreement reached, four other hydroelectric plants are added to the one already operational in the Global Cloud Data Center in Ponte San Pietro, in the province of Bergamo. The plants are located in Melegnano (MI) on the Lambro river, Chiuppano (VI) on the Astico, Calvene (VI) also on the Astico and Pontebba (UD) on the Fella. Together they will generate 6 MW of additional power. This is the comment by Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba.

This is an important milestone as it allows us to have a negative carbon footprint. In other words, we produce more clean energy than we consume. Energy efficiency and the production of energy from renewable sources represent distinctive factors on the market for Aruba that fit perfectly with our values ​​and our philosophy in terms of sustainability. We will continue to invest in the future to offset our development in terms of consumption and maintain this virtuous balance between innovation, growth and environmental sustainability.

The Chiuppano and Calveno power plant, in Veneto

The fundamental transition from the “neutral carbon footprint” to the “negative carbon footprint” is thus completed. This means that thanks to the acquisition, more energy will be produced than consumed to power the entire owned cloud infrastructure. The surplus generated will be fed into the distribution network for the benefit of other users.

The Melegnano plant, in Lombardy

Returning to focus attention on the Ponte structure San Pietro (BG), the installation of a third turbine in the hydroelectric plant of the campus and the upgrading of the existing photovoltaic system with a new installation on the roofs of Data Center A.

Source: Aruba

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