Interview with Ivo De Palma: the voice of Pegasus from I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco

Interview with Ivo De Palma: the voice of Pegasus from I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco
Our interviews with professionals in the world of dubbing continue, which characterized the characters of our childhood, but also iconic actors of the world of international cinema. Today is the turn of one of the pillars as regards the Italian dubbing, especially in the field of animation: we are talking about Ivo De Palma, actor and voice actor who gave the voice, among others, to Pegasus, one of the protagonists of the animated series The Knights of the Zodiac, as well as one of the most iconic voices of the entire Italian panorama.

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Let's start with the questions of ritual: how and why did you decide to pursue a career as a voice actor / actor?

I discovered the potential of my voice in the free radios of the time, well before the sector was regulated. My voice was still unripe, not professionally polite, but it still had its why. Then I studied diction to perform better on the radio, and was then advised to continue acting, which would broaden my qualities as a radio entertainer. It was there that I discovered dramatic art, and when it was time to bet on the future, I continued to play my strength, which was my voice.

In addition to being a voice actor, you also played the role of dialogue adapter: would you like to tell us a little about how the adaptation process works?

It is a very painstaking work, which is done by rehearsing and retrying previously translated Italian lines. The dialogist has in common with the dubbers the reflexes ready for the synchronous and the correct scanning of all the syllables (without eating them, therefore), because he tries the lines aloud, albeit without recording them. It doesn't matter, on the contrary, that you play them well, because that's the job of the professionals in the room. In addition to the length of the joke, which must always be respected, there are all the other problems commonly faced by any translation, which cannot always, nor must it, be literal, but effective, phraseologically, in the target language. Comedy, for example, is challenging to translate, because sometimes you just have to change the line. In addition, the result must be lip-synchronous.

One of your most iconic characters is surely Pegasus from “The Knights of the Zodiac“. Would you like to tell us how you got the role and if it was difficult to bond with the character?

I got the role through the sovereign choice of the dubbing director, the late Enrico Carabelli, who never regretted it. The character is also moderately tiring, but luckily a lot in my artistic and vocal chords, so I didn't struggle much.

Are there any works that you regret or that, listening to yourself again, you don't like for the final result?

On average, all early career things, because I still had to refine a lot. But the public likes them that way and when I say I would gladly redo them everyone begs me never to.

On the other hand, are there any jobs you are very satisfied with?

Yes, and they are linked to characters of a certain importance, although not all as famous as Pegasus. In addition to him, Kambei Shimada (Samurai 7), Toki (film shot of Ken the Warrior), Devilman (in the three OAVs), Doctor Muraki (The heirs of the Dark), Suitengu (Speedgrapher), Robin Hood, Illidan (video game World of Warcraft) and certainly several others that I now forget.

Do you have any regrets about dubbing? Something that you would have liked to dub and for reasons of force majeure you could not?

Colleagues are very good, and I wouldn't want to belittle anyone by naming their character. Let's say a decent audition (which then someone else wins) on some Marvel character, I might as well support it.

Especially in recent years, the voice acting profession has made a big comeback, especially among young people. In your opinion, where does this new "great attention" towards your profession derive from?

From the fact that dubbing, to begin with, is far from dying. The new platforms surveyed the public and found that almost everywhere in the world 80% want works localized in their own language. Then, it is objectively easier, today, to access inherent names and places, even if there are many more aspirants (but that we were too many they also said to me in my day). Last, but not least, the detail that… it's a great job!

Voice actor, but also teacher of dubbing and diction. Which of the two roles do you prefer?

I was born artistically in the hall, and I could never teach anyone if I didn't come from actual work.

Despite the unhappy period due to the health emergency, what advice do you feel you can give to those who are starting out or would like to approach this profession?

To take advantage of the relatively still bowls to train at their best and to prepare for the moment when everything will return to a certain normalcy. If you need a safe and competent guide, my educational offer, currently in promotion (10% discount on all my courses for those who register by Christmas), is available.

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