How to apply for the pc and internet bonus from 9 November

How to apply for the pc and internet bonus from 9 November

From November 9, families with ISEE up to 20 thousand euros will be able to subscribe to a subscription offer including a PC or tablet, benefiting from the voucher up to 500 euros.

(Photo: Pixabay) Between the controversy and the discontent of many associations, the PC and internet bonus will start on Monday 9 November to support low-income families in acquiring an ultra-broadband connection and a device (computer or tablet) for navigation. This is a voucher with a maximum value of 500 euros that can be spent for the purchase of connection services and devices selected directly by the accredited operators on the Infratel Italia website, the body appointed by the Ministry of Economic Development to manage the incentive. .

Infratel itself has made available on its website the list of accredited operators (until 30 October) for the provision of services that can be purchased with vouchers on the basis of the technical specifications relating to the coverage services indicated in the Agcom Braodband Map .

How the incentive works

In the first phase, which will start in a week, the voucher must be requested directly from the operators selected by Infratel, and translates into a contribution of between minimum of 200 to a maximum of 400 euros for the purchase of an internet subscription, and an incentive between 100 and 300 euros for the purchase of a pc or tablet indicated directly and by the operator in conjunction with the connectivity offer.

In the subscription activation application, which must have a minimum duration of one year, in addition to the identity document and tax code, the operator must also be presented with a self-certification of one's ISEE. The request for the voucher, contextual to the activation of the subscription, can be submitted either electronically or directly in the shop, according to the indications given by the various affiliated companies.

The requirements

Overall, the funds will be available until the 204 million euros allocated to this measure for the first phase are exhausted, and in the executive's plans it should concern about 2.2 million families.

Tra the basic requirements, the beneficiaries who apply in this first phase must have an Isee of less than 20 thousand euros and must subscribe to an internet home subscription with a connectivity of at least 30 Megabits per second.

By the end of 2020 it is then the launch of a second phase was foreseen which provides a bonus of up to 200 euros for the purchase of an internet subscription with the same characteristics indicated for the first phase but this time intended for families with lower income over 50 thousand euros.

Finally, it should be remembered that the devices that can be purchased at the same time as the offer remain the property of the operators for the first twelve months from the signing of the contract.

Precisely this, however, was also one of the most challenged by trade associations. In fact, Aires, an association of retailers specializing in the sale of household appliances, requested the suspension of the bonus and appealed to the TAR because the bonus system as it is would discriminate against specialized electronics stores.

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