Here is who is asking for damages in the trial against Adriano Panzironi for his Life 120

Here is who is asking for damages in the trial against Adriano Panzironi for his Life 120

All civil parties accepted at the trial, from the order of doctors of Rome to the association of Assipan bakers, except the order of biologists

(photo: Ap / LaPresse) The trial for abuse takes its first steps of the medical profession against Adriano Panzironi, the creator of the disputed Life 120 diet. The accusation against him is that with the manuals, starting with the book in which he codifies the diet, Vivere until 120 years, TV programs, in primis The search for health, and Panzironi supplements has crossed over into the perimeter of the medical profession, which is subject to strict rules and specific qualifications. He does not have qualifications.

On November 3, a hearing was held at the Rome court for the constitution of the civil parties, who ask the judge for damages in the event of a conviction. All accepted, except one: that of the order of biologists, rejected for a formal defect. Against Panzironi, therefore, the order of doctors of Rome took sides, who in 2018, filing a complaint, lit the fuse, and those of Naples, Milan and Venice. Then there is the order of journalists from Lazio, in whose register the creator of the diet who promises to live up to 120 years is registered and from which he has been temporarily suspended. And Assipan, the Confcommercio bakers' association, which is believed to be damaged by the barrier that Life 120 raises towards bread, pasta and other carbohydrates typical of the Mediterranean diet.

After a long council chamber the requests were rejected to exclude the civil parties (except for the request of the order of biologists due to a formal defect) and the trial, suspended in recent months due to the Covid-19 emergency, has been updated to February 23, 2021, for discussion some preliminary issues, before getting into the heart.

The activities of the Life 120 universe

The abusive exercise of the medical profession can cost imprisonment from six months to a year, plus a fine that varies between 10 thousand and 50 thousand euros. Article 348 of the Criminal Code explains that abuse occurs when one exercises a profession that requires specific qualifications, without having them. And for the public prosecution, supported by the deputy prosecutor Francesco Marinaro, with books, TV formats and supplements Panzironi is boundless in the medical profession, without being qualified. It will not be up to the judge to establish whether the Life 120 is a valid diet, but whether its creator, spreading the method, has done a job that he could not have done.

Panzironi was also denounced by the Italian Diabetes Society (Sid) and the Association of Diabetic Doctors (Amd). And sanctions from the market or communications authority have hit him or the companies in the Life 120 galaxy. The last one imposed by Agcom for 61 thousand euros charged to Italian Broadcasting srls for broadcasting its formats via satellite without authorization. The network of businesses and companies connected to Life 120 moves a turnover of several million euros, recently also extended to neighborhood shops. But originally based on the books, TV programs and supplements that ended up in the sights of the Public Prosecutor of Rome.

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