Sony Alpha A7S III review

Sony Alpha A7S III review
Sony A7S III is the most recent full frame mirrorless to become part of the Alpha family and has technical features that make it a unique model of its kind. Among these, the excellent quality of the video footage, which is particularly noticeable in low light conditions, and the stunning sharpness of the images stand out. The internal stabilization system (IBIS) is among the best ever, as well as the fast and precise autofocus. The new Bionz XR processor is 8 times faster than the one on the A7S II and image processing takes place in a short time, allowing the buffer to recharge in seconds even after a long series of burst shots. Sony has managed to update the hybrid of the Alpha series making it one of the best, if not the best, camera in its segment.

The price could be prohibitive for an amateur, but then this model is aimed primarily to videomakers and professionals in the sector.

Price and availability

The introductory price indicated by Sony is 4,200 Euros, but we hope to see some promotions by the end of 2020. The required amount it is high, especially if you want to buy good optics to add to the kit and some accessories such as the battery grip or additional batteries. However, it is a camera aimed at professional photographers and experienced videomakers and is sold at a price in line with the high-end models of the competition.

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