FIFA 21 on PC, five MODs to improve it

FIFA 21 on PC, five MODs to improve it
As we have written on previous occasions, one of the most interesting things about gaming on PC is the possibility of being able to take advantage of numerous patches or free amateur changes that can make a video game even more beautiful and complete. In the case of sports titles like FIFA 21 PC mods often result in new tournaments, footballers, faces, entire stadiums and original choirs, but also tweaks to gameplay and artificial intelligence.

It is up to the user to choose which ones and how many to install to update something within the original game, or literally transform it to improve, from his point of view, the gaming experience. As far as we are concerned, we have selected five, which we recommend hoping they will be useful or to offer you an idea from which to start in search of those you may need (in parentheses the names of the authors).

Career Realism Mod (Paulv2k4)

The first mod we recommend you try, concerns the FIFA 21 Career mode, which definitely aims to give it greater realism starting with the results on the pitch for games simulated by artificial intelligence, from the "names" of the most important scorers and men assists, up to intervening on the positions occupied in the standings by the most prestigious clubs. To give an example, with this patch our Serie A will see Juventus, Inter, Rome, Milan and Lazio play for the Scudetto, or in any case remain at the top of the event during the entire tournament, rather than perhaps Benevento or Sassuolo. In the same way it will be easier to see a Lukaku or a Ciro Immobile or a Cristiano Ronaldo among the top scorers, rather than other good forwards, but of lesser value than the latter. Changes also to the management part, with changes to the system that manages market movements, which are more credible, or to the artificial intelligence of the scouts that the player sends around the world in search of new talents.

Gameplay Mod (Paulv2k4)

Another very interesting mod is this one, related to gameplay. Electronic Arts tries to improve it every year, and even after the release it does not fail to sometimes carry out targeted interventions with appropriate updates during the year. Unfortunately, these interventions do not always have an effect, and therefore patches like the one we indicate can be useful if you do not like the "official" gameplay of FIFA 21. Paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod tries to improve the positioning of the players during the defensive phase , especially for the less gifted midfielders of the game. With this change, in fact, the medians finally come back more frequently to help the defenders to better cover the spaces. In addition, the ability and speed of dribbling is reduced for those less gifted players, the system of crosses, headers and shots is balanced, so those who are poor or otherwise average, will easily miss the conclusion compared to an Aguero or a Messi. Last but not least, during set pieces and corners, the teams managed by the CPU behave more logically in positioning themselves and in executing the schemes.

Juventus and Roma jerseys and formations (pedro10do7)

FIFA 21 has lost other major licenses this year. At the club level, for example, there is no Roma one, which is added, remaining only in the context of our Serie A, to that of Juventus which since last year has been represented by a team called Piemonte Calcio. For fans of both teams, and for all sportsmen who love football and want to enjoy challenges in a video game with all the real details, rather than an Inter-Piemonte Calcio, in fact, there is a small amateur patch created by such pedro10do7 who in the game replaces the fake versions of juventus, logos and official names. The formations are also updated to the current season, with all the athletes who make up the rosters of the two teams in their place, so as to be able to make up for the "lack". In game, among other things, the quality of the textures of the two teams' outfits is so high, that they appear indistinguishable from the official ones created for the other teams licensed by Electronic Arts.

The Italian Serie B (SlimOntario2033)

Another lack of this edition of FIFA 21 is certainly that of our Serie B. However, the Italian cadet tournament is much loved by fans, also because it is usually an extremely exciting championship, which knows how to give strong emotions, and where surprises and good play are never lacking. Well, thanks to the work of SlimOntario2033, the Italian Serie B will soon be available in FIFA 21 on PC. The modder is in fact completing the work on a patch that will insert the entire championship with all the teams in full, player by player, complete with logos, shirts and official names for the individual clubs. But that's not all: the same author is completing another great mod that updates the Champions League and the UEFA Europe League by including here the missing real teams complete with everything, and the reworking of the groups based on the official ones of this season. Both patches should be released simultaneously in the coming weeks.

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (FMN 21)

The Brazilian Serie A tournament is one of the most followed and loved leagues in the world. Even in Italy the event boasts a large group of fans, and teams such as Flamengo, San Paolo and Palmeiras, just to name a few, are well known in the Bel Paese. For all fans who own an original copy of FIFA 21 for personal computers, an amateur patch is available from this point of view that integrates the "brasileir√£o" between the tournaments, replacing the non-original one present in the game. The authors are the guys from the FIFA Mania (FMN) site who have worked hard for weeks to create the entire event from scratch. Official logos, updated jerseys, boots, stadiums and names of the Brazilian top division have been reproduced in a manner faithful to the originals. In addition, dozens of players have been created for each team (in FIFA 21 some Brazilian teams have authentic kits, but generic players), keeping faith with their real aesthetic and technical characteristics.

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