FIFA 21 on PS5 with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers: all the news

FIFA 21 on PS5 with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers: all the news
FIFA 21 will be available in a few days also on PS5, and on the new Sony console the famous soccer game will exploit the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers of DualSense for a new experience.

After the first trailer of the next version- gen of FIFA 21, all the details and news that we will find in the new edition of the title produced by Electronic Arts arrive from the PlayStation Blog.

Try the new level

We can't wait for you to test the new DualSense wireless controller for PlayStation 5 first hand.

Are you engaged in a last second save to prevent a goal already scored? Or do you target seven with a missile from outside the box? The haptic feedback of the DualSense wireless controller always responds precisely to what happens in the field.

You will have more control over both the intensity and the position of the haptic feedback, so you will "feel" the left-handed lashes via vibrations on the left side controller, for example, or you will feel more feedback during harder tackles than when players lean to find an advantageous position during corners.

The adaptive triggers of the DualSense wireless controller they allow us to build up their stamina as players get tired, so their legs feel heavier and heavier throughout the game.

This feature is only available on PS5. We are confident that you will immediately notice the impact the DualSense wireless controller will have on FIFA 21, dramatically increasing the intensity of the match in a whole new way.

Another PS5 exclusive is called PlayStation Activity - you can start your favorite mode directly from the main screen of the PlayStation 5 console.

Combined with the lightning-fast loading times offered by PS5, this means you can take the field in the blink of an eye like never before. We're talking less than two seconds from the pre-match menu to the match in Kick-Off mode. Sorry for the training arena fans!

Discover the new level

More power also means a considerable leap forward in graphics quality, so players and stadiums will be even more real.

A new delayed lighting system, called LiveLight Rendering, creates ultra-realistic gaming environments. You will admire the largest stadiums in the world, such as Anfield or the Park of the Princes, recreated in an incredible way and more alive than ever.

LiveLight Rendering combines the flexion of muscles and new technology applied to the hair to give to athletes a level of detail unattainable so far, which is immediately evident in world famous champions such as Kylian Mbappé and Trent Alexander-Arnold!

This will be even more evident thanks to a new camera during the match, for a a whole new perspective. The EA SPORTS GameCam is inspired by the commentary of the most important matches in the world, and in the game it really makes a difference. We can't wait for everyone to try it.

New level of atmosphere

We all miss being able to see our favorite champions right in the stadium, and we remember perfectly the amazing choreography that fans both at home and away, they know how to create.

In FIFA 21 we will highlight this show to reflect the unrivaled atmosphere that only the public can guarantee.

First of all, PreMatch Live adds several new footage to increase immersion, for example you will see fans going through the turnstiles and much more. You will experience match day with a realism never achieved before.

We can now better reflect the incredible sensations of the decisive goal that leads to victory in the UEFA Champions League, or that which avoids a relegation. Thanks to the new Big Goal Moments feature, you will find yourself catapulted into the stands or onto the pitch after the crucial goals.

New level of movement

FIFA 21 on PS5 also allows us to recreate the movements and the most natural behaviors ever seen before.

Responsive Multi-Touch Animations take realism to the next level, improving the graphic quality and responsiveness of the animations connected to the ball, thus ensuring more agility and control over the ball with well 700 new animation combinations.

Compared to previous EA SPORTS FIFA titles, we are also able to make player behaviors even more realistic thanks to Off-Ball Humanization. Footballers will wipe the sweat from their faces after a sprint, ask for the ball and catch their breath after a shot - in FIFA 21 on PS5 they will look just like flesh and blood.

Dual entitlement

Finally, We're happy to announce the Dual Entitlement Upgrade Program for FIFA 21 on PlayStation - you can upgrade your copy of FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 to your PlayStation 5 copy at no extra cost * whenever you want, starting December 4th until FIFA 22 launch!

In addition, you can also transfer your progress and content to FIFA Ultimate Team and VOLTA FOOTBALL so far, so you can continue to build your dream team and dominate the pitch on PS5 as well.

A leap forward from a graphical point of view, greater speed on the pitch and much more: we can't wait for FIFA 21 for PS5 to be in your hands. We hope you enjoyed these previews of the realism-oriented features.

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