Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, five things to know

Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, five things to know
The release of Destiny 2: Beyond the Light, the awaited great new expansion of the Bungie title is just missing (although we recently explained to you how the Destiny universe is at the center of everything). For this reason we have decided to conclude the approach to the expansion with the five elements to know to approach what Bungie has declared to be the beginning of a new era; the age of darkness.

The Stasi

The Stasi is one of the key elements of this expansion and also one of the crucial junctions of the whole experience that will begin with Beyond the Light. Stasis is the manifestation of the darkness that we will use and that we know is also exploited by Eramis (the antagonist of this expansion) and his fallen on Europa. Each class will have its own stasis branch with related abilities and the possibility of being extensively modified. We know that the customization of this subclass will see the introduction of greater "role" possibilities for the player with different aspects that can be modeled which will greatly change the use of stasis and consequently also the approach to fighting. Also and above all at a narrative level, the use of darkness is preparing to be a moment of great importance for the player, who on the one hand could therefore see the birth of disagreements between his allies divided between those who support this use and those who do not. , and on the other hand will see the expansion of the narrative around one of the pillars of the universe of Destiny or the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness and everything related to it.

Europe, the Jovian moon

The introduction of a new explorable planet within the playful universe of Destiny has always represented a moment of excitement and curiosity for players. Unveiling the secrets hidden by Bungie within the planet and discovering new opportunities offered by the planet itself represent one of the greatest and most important moments of aggregation of the MMOFPS community created by the Bellevue software house. In the case of Europa, the Jovian moon which will see its debut on 10 November, the situation is even more interesting. Beyond the location itself and the activities that it will bring with it, two elements arouse the greatest curiosity: the dynamic weather and the Crypt of Pietrafonda.

As for the first aspect, let's talk about an element technical and playful that could change the way you explore the planets of Destiny 2. Dynamic weather has never been present yet Bungie has always winked at this feature, making it clear to its audience that sooner or later it would be introduced. The blizzards in the frozen wastes of Europe will be a great way to get used to the harsh weather that the hostile worlds on which adventures take place can create. The second aspect is the Crypt of Pietrafonda: we know that this place is hidden among the ice of Europe and we know that its importance regarding the knowledge of the past - but also of the present - is immeasurable. For this reason, the possibility of entering the Exo's hometown creates one of the biggest reasons for curiosity about the new planet.

The story

Another key element is obviously the story. Beyond the Light will take us to explore the cold lands of Europe in order to find out more about the darkness and the phantom Pyramids. We know that a request for help from an old acquaintance, Variks, was sent to us in order to foil the evil plans of Eramis and his fallen ones seeking revenge against the Traveler. The use of darkness by Eramis therefore makes us think that the secrets hidden under the ice of Europa are many also and above all because the Crypt of Pietrafonda, place of creation of the Exo, is hidden somewhere on Europa. Clovis Bray's legendary laboratory may be hiding some of the most important knowledge that could change the course of history. For this reason, the arrival of the Guardians seems to be the prelude to something much greater than one might think. The narrative created by Bungie between fantasy and sci-fi hides various intrigues and mysteries; the decisive turn towards the conclusion of some key points of the Destiny narrative universe has then increased the effectiveness of the narrative arcs told and consequently the interest in this aspect.

Key characters

Always remaining within the narrative context, Beyond the Light will see the return of two extremely important characters and the acquisition of further relevance by others. After years of absence, the Unknown Exo returns, also known as Elsie Bray, Clovis Bray's granddaughter. Mysterious character, known in the first Destiny, has disappeared from the scenes so far, only being mentioned within the La Mente Bellica and in the excerpts of lore connected to the history of the Exo and the experiments of grandfather Clovis Bray. We know that a lot will revolve around this character, however, we see her use what appears to be a variant of stasis linked to some Vex technology. She is not a guardian but her studies on the Vex and their technology may have allowed her to uncover mysteries that can change the course of history. Another key returning character is Uldren Sov, now The Crow. After the conclusion of the story of Forsaken we know that Uldren is no longer the same, but what he has done in the meantime and why you wear a cape with the symbol of The Spider are all mysteries that we can't wait to discover. To acquire greater importance instead will be Eris Morn, now the epicenter of the fight in Savathun and the discovery of darkness and the Drifter who despite having appeared in various trailers and mentions continues to be a figure shrouded in mystery. In fact, it would seem that the Drifter was only consciously hinted at in this expansion by Bungie, which is why it could play an extremely crucial role within the expansion.


Loot is one of the beating hearts of the Destiny game experience, Beyond the Light and the activities to be performed will bring numerous new weapons, a new elemental damage (the Darkness) and a restructuring of some elements of the sandbox. We know that hand cannons will be revised and we know that most of the new exotics that will be introduced, on paper, are able to shift the balance. The latest expansions had left something to be desired from this point of view, so some of the information released on the new expansion's loot has comforted us. The exotics seem to be able to have a consistent impact on the game (which is expected from these equipment) and as regards the legendary weapons and armor, the sets shown are completely new thus avoiding the phenomenon of "more of the same" which reduces the urge to get them. Recall that Beyond the Light will have a raid available from November 21st and this will bring a new set of weapons and armor that obviously for now is hidden by the mystery. In short, even for loot hunters, perhaps not lovers of fiction, the expansion will have, on paper, a quantity of content capable of offering satisfaction.

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