Demon's Souls PS5: how to change character armor and clothing

Demon's Souls PS5: how to change character armor and clothing
Weapons and spells are essential to increase your character's offensive abilities during the adventure in Demon's Souls, but the numerous sets of wearable armor and clothing are equally important.

As with any other exponent of the souls genre -like, during the exploration you will happen to find and recover a large number of pieces of armor and complete sets of clothing that you can then equip to obtain the benefits. In particular, each set is divided into four different parts, head, torso, arms and legs: each of these pieces has different defensive statistics, from physical to magical defense, as well as those against fire, poison and more; in addition, each piece of armor has a specific weight, which will affect the overall weight carried by the character, and consequently the latter's ability to move.

The pieces of armor can be recovered during exploration, in which case you can find them interacting with the corpses illuminated by the symbol that indicates the presence of an object that can be collected or inside trunks and chests, or they can be released by the enemies killed as a drop, or even be purchased by the numerous merchants who populate the kingdom of Boletaria, who will be happy to give you their goods in exchange for the right amount of souls. Once you have a new piece of armor or clothing, you can compare it to the one you are currently wearing by opening your character's Equipment menu, then selecting the corresponding slot (for example, the head slot to check the characteristics of a helmet) and scrolling with the cursor to the desired piece of equipment. In this way, you will be able to see which of the characteristics of the new item are better than the one currently worn (highlighted in blue) and which ones are worse (highlighted in red). An alternative method to check the characteristics of a new piece of equipment is to view it in the Inventory screen.

Should you decide to equip a new piece of equipment, all you have to do is select the item corresponding in the Equipment menu, and from the screen that will appear later you just need to select the piece of equipment you want to replace it with, and then confirm the exchange.

In case you find the game too difficult to your tastes even wearing a particularly powerful armor, or vice versa you want an even more complex challenge, we recommend that you take a look at our guide to modify the difficulty of Demon's Souls by manipulating the Trend of the worlds and the character. If, on the other hand, you often find yourself short of health points, we recommend that you consult our guide with all the tricks to take care of your character's health, useful to increase your chances of survival within the ruthless world of Boletaria.

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