Bonus TV: the TV 4.0 table met at the MiSE

Bonus TV: the TV 4.0 table met at the MiSE
What the Ministry of Economic Development defines as the "transition process" towards the New Digital TV is about to start, a path that, according to the set deadlines, will end in June 2022. To inform citizens in an adequate way, it will be put in place. a communication campaign.

The TV 4.0 table to decide on the TV Bonus

This was discussed at yesterday's meeting organized by the MiSE and which brought together the so-called TV 4.0 table composed of representatives of the competent institutions on the subject, television operators and interested trade associations. The declared goal is to "harmonize and coordinate the release activities of the 700 MHz band and develop tools to promote the digital transformation of the television sector". In addition to commercials broadcast on radio and obviously on television, a dedicated site will be brought online in the coming days and a contact center will be set up. This is how Undersecretary Mirella Liuzzi summarizes the outcome of the meeting.

I particularly appreciated the constructive dialogue of the meeting, with the full willingness to collaborate to support the Ministry in this delicate phase of technological transition that will affect all citizens . Among the initiatives we are working on at the MiSE there is also an important incentive campaign to accompany the replacement and recycling of television sets from a green perspective, as well as the extension of the audience that will be able to access the Bonus TV and decoder.

We are therefore starting to talk concretely about Bonus TV, a contribution foreseen for the purchase of televisions and decoders capable of receiving programs broadcast with the new operating standards from 2022. As soon as further details are available on how to access we will announce the incentive.

Source: MiSE

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