Bonus 500 euros: the offer proposed by Vodafone

Bonus 500 euros: the offer proposed by Vodafone
From today it is possible to request access to the contribution provided for by Phase 1 of the Voucher Plan to sign a new ultra-broadband connectivity contract: the so-called 500 euro Bonus which also allows the purchase of a computer or tablet. Among the operators (see the complete list in PDF) who have chosen to join the initiative there is also Vodafone.

Vodafone's offer for the 500 euro Bonus

In at the moment in which this article is written and published on the official website of the telco, the details regarding the offer to be signed are not yet reported. However, there is a form to fill in by entering your information to then be contacted by an assistant and supported in carrying out the practice.

Enter your details, one of our consultants will provide you with all the details to request the Bonus Government.

The form to fill in in order to obtain the grant is already available. On its website, Vodafone indicates the types of lines for which it is possible to request connection by using the voucher.

The Bonus is available for those who activate a new contract in FTTC-VULA-FTTH fiber technology, with at least 30Mbit / s in download, or if you already have an active contract with Vodafone, by switching to an offer in FTTC-VULA or FTTH

No details for the moment on computers or tablets that l operator will make available to its customers. Interested parties are advised to regularly visit the dedicated page (link at the end of the article) for updates. We remind you that in order to be able to obtain the family unit ISEE, it must not exceed 20,000 euros: please refer to our guide for online calculation.

Source: Vodafone

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