Bonus 500 euros: last clarifications from Infratel

Bonus 500 euros: last clarifications from Infratel
The wait for the so-called 500 euro Bonus provided for in Phase 1 of the Voucher Plan is now running out, which will allow Italian families with an ISEE of less than 20,000 euro to access a contribution to sign a new contract for a connectivity service and at the same time request a computer or tablet. The access to the funds is foreseen starting from November 9th.

Voucher Plan, Phase 1: updates to the operating manual

Today Infratel announces what is defined through its official website " updates to the operations manual ”published early last month. They include clarifications regarding the requirements of the Internet line, the speed test tool to be used to evaluate its performance (initially Ookle and not Misura Internet) and the supply of the devices. We report them below.

Connectivity services: download speed at least 30 Mbit / s nominal, upload speed at least 15 Mbit / s nominal (the minimum bandwidth levels will be defined according to the service charter model compliant with AGCOM resolutions and will be defined within 30 days following the results of the work of the technical panel with the registered operators. On an experimental basis, instead of the Internet Measure system for the first 30 days, in order to evaluate the performance, it is possible to use the Ookla speed test. the supply of tablets or personal computers is also envisaged, of which the beneficiaries will acquire ownership after twelve months from the activation of the contract. These are the operators who have picked up the call and expressed their intention to propose ad hoc offers for the Voucher Plan (the list is updated as of October 30): AX3 Holding, Bbbell, Caligiuri Roberto, Cilento TLC, Fastnet, Fly Network, Global Com Basilicata, Heronet, Informatica System, Intercom, Interfibra, Isiline, Macrotel Italia, Medi @ Net, Mediatelco, Nexim Italia, NoiNet, Sicilink, Sinergia Telecomunication, Speednet, Springo, Techdigital, TIM and Tiscali.

We remind you that to take advantage of the Bonus it will be necessary to present demand (PDF is already available) through the traditional sales channels of operators: shops, shopping centers, electronics chains, service points, and so on.

Source: Infratel

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