200 million for startups in the Relaunch Fund

200 million for startups in the Relaunch Fund
200 million euros: this is the amount of the Relaunch Fund established by CDP Venture Capital SGR - National Innovation Fund in order to support startups and SMEs in a time of serious general crisis such as during this second pandemic wave of 2020.

The resources were assigned, with the implementing decree of art. 38 paragraph 3 of the Relaunch Legislative Decree of 1 October, by the Minister of Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli. CDP Venture Capital Sgr - National Innovation Fund has set up a fund dedicated to the management of these resources, called the Relaunch Fund. A tool that will help to support and strengthen the connection between the operators of the Italian Venture Capital ecosystem.

Relaunch Fund, for SMEs and startups

A special feature of the fund will be the close collaboration with qualified investors, who will act in some way as a "talent scout" to determine which realities to bet on and which ideas to bet on. These investors will have the opportunity to report those entities in which they intend to invest or those in which they have already invested in the six months prior to the entry into force of the implementing decree: on the basis of these indications, the best investment and support strategies will subsequently be established. br>
Thus Enrico Resmini, CEO and General Manager of CDP Venture Capital Sgr - National Innovation Fund:

These new resources testify to the trust that the Ministry of Economic Development places in all the operators who work synergistically every day with the aim of making Venture Capital an ecosystem of growth and development of the entrepreneurial culture of our country. The relaunch of innovation in Italy must be able to count on a solid network of qualified and regulated investors, able to accompany innovative start-ups and SMEs in their development path.

The tool used for this type of support is based on the logic of "convertendo", ie loans which, as a guarantee, allow you to offer part of your own share. They can access "startups and innovative SMEs that are carrying out investment rounds or that have already done so, through the mediation of qualified or regulated investors".

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