Will Square Enix sell its western division to Ubisoft?

Will Square Enix sell its western division to Ubisoft?
2020 was certainly a very bad year for the gaming industry. Even the biggest of the giants often and willingly found themselves faced with situations that are nothing short of disastrous from a financial point of view. The note Square Enix, however, seems to be unable to get rid of this series of misfortunes. Already since 2019 the company is no longer finding the right balance when it comes to talking about certain products. Unfortunately for each successful step (such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake) there follows another, to say the least, disastrous. The most recent of these negative facts, however, seems to have prompted the Japanese company to take drastic measures.

As we already mentioned a few weeks ago, the latest I.P. Square Enix has had some decidedly negative feedback. Marvel's Avengers in fact was a decidedly destructive flop for the company as the title in question resulted in a loss of more than 60 million dollars (we talked about it in this news). Faced with a situation so dramatic, it seems that Nissan has decided to "cut out the deadwood" of their company.
Rumor: Square Enix might sell off its western division to Ubisoft after the latest disappointment from Marvel's Avengers. pic.twitter.com/uhZU37dfvp

- Gaming Leaks & Rumors (@GameLeaksRumors) November 20, 2020

According to statements made by an insider on 4Chan, Square Enix is ​​said to be in talks to sell its western division. The main interest in this acquisition would be none other than Ubisoft. If the purchase were to go through, the French house would add a series of titles such as Just Cause, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex to its portfolio.

Obviously we do not know exactly if the insider's statements in question are true. Precisely for this reason we invite you to take every single statement with due pliers. Surely the situation at Square Enix is ​​not the best and a similar move would certainly not be excluded. However, we must be patient and wait for related clarifications from the protagonists in this hypothetical story.

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