WindTre Estate: Unlimited Gaming and the news coming from 22 June 2020

WindTre Estate: Unlimited Gaming and the news coming from 22 June 2020
Summer is advancing, and despite the difficulties of 2020, Italian operators try to keep up. In this short article we will talk about the initiatives that will fall within WindTre Estate, dedicated to the orange operator (recently merged with Tre Italia, to create WindTre).

All the news in question will be available starting tomorrow, Monday 22 June 2020. The first - and potentially the most interesting for our readers - is Unlimited Gaming: it will offer unlimited minutes, equally unlimited SMS and finally unlimited GIGA at the price of 29.99 euros per month, only with Easy Pay. The right choice for those who may have to leave, and do not want to find themselves short of calls, SMS or GIGA to use. Not only that: users will be able to obtain MotoGP20 starting from 29 June 2020, choosing the preferred gaming platform.

Also from 22 June 2020, WindTre Kids will be available for children under 6 years of age: it will offer 60 gigabytes of internet to 9.99 euros per month, including the Papumba app for 12 months (allows you to learn literacy, math and much more). The expected activation cost is 9.99 euros instead of the usual 49.99 euros, with the remaining 40 euros divided into 24 installments of 1.70 euros.

Finally, some offers designed specifically for certain types of users: WindTre Junior, Junior +, WindTre Student and WindTre Senior for those over 60.


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