What's new in Google Meet for teachers and students

What's new in Google Meet for teachers and students
A couple of useful numbers to understand how much the tools dedicated to remote communication have been used massively in recent months for both smart working and distance learning: since the beginning of the year teachers from all over the world have trust Google Meet for the equivalent of 1,300 years of lessons involving over 140 million people with G Suite for Education. To further improve the platform in this area, bigG will introduce some new features within the next few months.

Meet: new features for school from Google

Improved controls will debut to manage those attending a meeting : after being expelled from the lesson, the pupils will no longer be able to ask for access, just as after having twice received a refusal at the entrance. In this regard, improvements are on the way to make the process of welcoming students less intrusive for teachers. Furthermore, they will be able to make sure that the virtual room is definitively closed following their exit. By default, anonymous users will be prevented from entering school meetings, but schools will still have the option to re-enable the option.

As you can see in the screenshot below, it will be possible to blur the background or replace it with a custom background. In case of abuse, teachers will be able to disable the feature for the whole class.

Always for teachers there are commands to silence all participants with a single gesture, to disable chat and to limit content sharing. More information on all of this within the next few months.

On arrival: the button to raise the hand and ask for the word (screenshot above) as well as a whiteboard collaborative sharing of notes and ideas (below).

The layout of the grid interface, will be then further modified to show on the same screen for up to 49 participants at the same time . The list of innovations continues with the automatic generation of subtitles in new languages

Google also announced the arrival at the Meet of new features to the premium accounts G Suite Enterprise for Education : a log with the students present at the lectures, the division of participants into small working groups, sessions, Q&A for clarifications on the topic, and polls to engage your students by collecting their opinions.

Source: Google

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