Uninterruptible power supply Tecnoware at -40% on Amazon

Uninterruptible power supply Tecnoware at -40% on Amazon
No more problems and data loss after a blackout: with Tecnoware UPS ERA PLUS 750 you can work in peace, from home or in the office, relying on an uninterruptible power supply that even in the event of malfunctions in the electricity network the computer without power. Today it is on offer on Amazon at the price of 35.99 euros.

Amazon offers: UPS for 35.99 euros

The unit guarantees the possibility to continue using the PC for at least ten minutes following the block, so as to have all the time necessary to save the open documents and to switch off the machine in the most correct way. For routers, the autonomy goes up to 40 minutes so as not to suddenly disconnect the switched on and connected devices, for example laptops, smartphones or tablets.

There are two Schuko sockets on the back , while on the front are the on-off button and the multifunction LED. It also protects against voltage surges and electromagnetic interference. All this today on offer on Amazon with a 40% discount on the list price.

Source: Amazon

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