Uncharted 2 under the microscope

Uncharted 2 under the microscope
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune had, in its time, the burden of being THE game for PlayStation 3. We are in fact talking about an adventure in the most classic sense of the term: a story built on an impeccable rhythm (albeit not without smudges) with an exquisitely cinematic and strong cut of a protagonist who, instead of focusing entirely on brute strength and on questionable steroid-based appeal, based his charm on irony and that delightfully unlucky air, artfully highlighted by the lapels of the shirt in the pants and from a hairstyle that seemed to claim the urgency of comb and scissors. Put simply: you can't help but love someone like Nathan Drake. His odd jokes, his unscrupulous courage and his tragicomic verve in taking down one enemy after another will long remain in the memory of those players who have been able to capture humanity.

In addition, gameplay is very classic but just for this proven and accessible to all fans of the genre. Those talented guys at Naughty Dog, however, went even further, pointing to a destination that define ambitious it is, at least, reductive. Very simply, the team is pre-established from the beginning to show what he could do with the Sony hardware is in competent hands. Superfluous to establish the fact that this was an undertaking wonderfully successful. There is indeed no doubt about the technical validity of the game: I am almost certain that many of you will still imprinted in the retinas of those beautiful and evocative locations, made up of a jungle rigoliosa and landscapes are so evocative as to force the player to stop for rimirarli more and more times. Personally, I think that Uncharted was the game visually more impressive but this was never released on the PS3, with good peace of good title signed Guerilla (the Killzone 2 that I have had the pleasure of reviewing exclusive some time ago and that hit me more for the atmosphere than for the mere graphic system.)

The problem, unfortunately, is that such a primacy is intended to be usurped. The guilt, as you will see from the movie that we propose below, it is still a time of team Santa Monica.

The pictures, as they say, speak for themselves. The code is still in development, but the system of global lighting of the environments, the level of detail and the animations are beautifully graced by a motion capture of mold in hollywood is are just some of the ingredients that Naughty Dog is ficcando into the cauldron. Soon we will have the opportunity to test the multiplayer beta along with the English counterparts. Stay tuned, it will be fun.

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