The Last of Us Part 2: how to find the safe code in the bank

The Last of Us Part 2: how to find the safe code in the bank
In the first hours of the game of The Last of Us Part 2 it is possible to move freely for a very large area full of secrets that risk being ignored without due attention.

Among these there is also the bank of Seattle, located in the lower part of the map. By breaking into this building, populated by runners and clickers who must be eliminated in order to proceed, you will find yourself in front of a vault protected by a combination. To find the code, all you have to do is examine the purse on the ground, near the entrance to the same room as the safe. Inside the object there is a letter with the code useful to open the large metal door: 60-23-06. Before proceeding to the opening of the vault do not forget also to analyze the corpse of the guard nearby, as it hides a very useful pump action shotgun that will make you comfortable in the most lively clashes.

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