Nintendo bets everything on Switch and slows down with the mobile market? The denial comes

Nintendo bets everything on Switch and slows down with the mobile market? The denial comes
Waiting to find out what the plans are in the pipeline with Nintendo's internal teams for the next few months, an interesting indiscretion spreads from the pages of Bloomberg.

According to reports from analysts and sources of Bloomberg, Nintendo would have adopted a new approach towards the mobile market, the front on which it would intend to slow down its business. As early as May of this year, President Shuntaro Furukawa would have anticipated the possibility of the Kyoto House seeing this specific branch of its presence on the gaming market decrease, but further considerations now seem to suggest a more decisive choice in this direction.

Perceived by Nintendo as an instrument aimed at increasing its target audience, the mobile market would never have represented for the Japanese giant an instrument from which to obtain particularly profitable annuities. On the contrary, reports Bloomberg, Nintendo would even have specifically asked its partners in the sector not to introduce mechanics that forced players to spend excessive amounts in a mobile App. Furthermore, according to the video game consultant Serkan Toto, it seems that since the publication of Mario Kart Tour, no other mobile game has been put into development by Nintendo. "In a way - he says - the success achieved on consoles has reduced the need and pressure on allocating resources in the mobile sector". Waiting for any further details to support these rumors, we recall the recent spread of rumors related to a new Nintendo Direct.

Update : the President of Nintendo, Close Furukawa, you know that new games and apps for iOS and Android are in development and that currently, the permanence of the company in the mobile market is not in question . At the moment, in any case, there are no new projects to announce.

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