iOS 14, quick commands started by touching the back of the iPhone

iOS 14, quick commands started by touching the back of the iPhone
iOS 14 was officially announced by Apple during the WWDC 2020 opening conference. Pending the stable version that will arrive with the future generation of iPhone 12, the hidden functions in the new operating system of the Cupertino giant are starting to emerge. Among these, there is an interesting function for accessibility that allows you to start commands through simple touches on the back cover of our iPhone.

To find it was the well-known Federico Viticci of who spoke about it on his Twitter profile. The function is called "Back Tap". In practice, you can start quick actions by touching the back of the iPhone two or three times. In the screens shown, we see - for example - that with two taps the multitasking view will open, to switch from one app to another. Usage options could potentially be many.

iOS 14 has a new Back Tap feature in Accessibility and it's wild. You can perform quick actions by double- or triple-tapping the * back of your iPhone *. Literally quick taps on the back; works with a case on.

These include system actions as well as custom shortcuts.

- Federico Viticci (@viticci) June 23, 2020

The source claims that the function responds even if a protective cover is used . It should be noted, however, that Back Tap is present in the version for developers and that therefore it could change or be removed in the stable version that will be released to all users.

Not only Back Tap. There are many features found within iOS 14. Always Tendrils has noticed that there is a function that sends a notification when the smartphone recognizes a sound to which the user should pay attention to (children crying, water flowing, etc). The team of 9to5Mac, however, has discovered that it is possible to restrict the access of app to only certain images . In short, the app will have access only to some selected photos, and not to the entire archive of images.

in Short, many interesting functions. We are confident that – in the course of the next few months, iOS 14 will continue to be talked about , before landing in the stable version on the iPhone since the next generation iPhone 12, which (barring unforeseen circumstances) should make his debut in the month of September.

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