FIFA 21: the preview from the EA Play event

FIFA 21: the preview from the EA Play event

Index A new FIFA 21 Generation Change Certainties and Doubts level was announced during the EA Play event. Those who waited for this moment to get some substantial details on the EA Sports football game had to settle for the very first news regarding PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, postponing the elements dedicated to the gameplay at a later time during the summer. Pending the arrival of the next generation consoles, FIFA 21 will however be released on October 9, 2020 on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, to then land on the new game systems during the autumn. The arrival of the football simulation is also scheduled on Google Stadia, where, however, the appointment will be fixed during 2021. Returning to us, let's go to see all that EA Sports has told us in these hours on FIFA 21.

A new level With the arrival of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X now become a matter of months, it is understandable that the short presentation of Electronic Arts has focused on the characteristics of FIFA 21 for the new generation. There remains therefore a big question mark on current gaming systems, for which the developments of the Frostbite engine put in the pipeline for the nextgen from what we understand should not be available. The chances of seeing a FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One very similar to the previous one from a technical point of view therefore seem at this moment quite high. For the novelties in the gameplay instead we will have to wait for the month of August: in fact this will be the period in which EA Sports will present the characteristics of FIFA 21 concerning both its game dynamics and the modes. What we are allowed to know right now is just that Volta will be back, along with the inevitable Career, Pro Club and of course Ultimate Team modes.

The transition to the new generation will start from the use of the haptic feedback controller DualSense PlayStation 5, which according to the developers we will feel the rhythm of the game in our hands. The technology present in the device should in fact allow you to feel the net and separate the impact of the shots, passes, and the contrasts in their appearance "touch". On both of the new consoles, FIFA 21 should lead to almost zero loading times , to enter immediately into the game without making us loiter for a few seconds in the arena, as was the case so far.

From the exquisitely technical point of view, EA Sports puts the emphasis on the possibilities offered by the new lighting system delayed, thanks to which FIFA 21, will show areas even more authentic than in the past to reproduce in a more realistic way every single part of the stadium. The light will let us see the details more pronounced on faces, hair and uniforms of the players, going to mark so is a more profound of the physical models of the athletes in the field. Keep an eye out when the time is also the promise of a technology enhanced animation, thanks to which FIFA 21 promises to give players a movement more responsive than in the past, as well as the most realistic.

Continues of course also work done by the developers to give the game experience a visual realism in the way players behave in the field, adjusting for example the shin guard in the final stages of the match, or performing other similar actions in the moments when the ball is not in the game. Following the same philosophy of representation-a-side football, three hundred and sixty degrees, EA Sports promises a new level of introduction of the games, making the whole experience even more immersive for the player, also thanks to the audio, spatialized.

generational Change From the event EA Play we get some details about the so-called Double degree , i.e. the possibility to download and play FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X without additional costs after the purchase of the versions of PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. According to EA Sports, FIFA 21, for console nextgen will be made available as a digital download, but the thing to keep in mind regarding especially the versions on optical support for the current generation. In case you acquire FIFA 21 on disc for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you must always have the same disk inserted in the new console to play. If, however, you have in your plans the purchase of a console without reader, to download FIFA 21 you'll have to necessarily buy the game in digital form also on the old generation.

EA Sports also made known that all the progress made in Ultimate Team and Time will be transferred from the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and vice versa, same thing for Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The progress in other modes including Career and Pro Clubs, will remain on the console on which they are performed. A news is not just exciting, especially for those who love to make more seasons, driving a club in Career mode, you will be forced to see it all riazzerarsi in the transition to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Already we are talking about different versions, we report that FIFA 21 for Nintendo Switch will be a Legacy Edition, in which will not be integrated, none of the novelties in the gameplay and in the mode to do so just an update of the graphics of the menu and the teams and championships for the next football season. That PC should be identical to the versions PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, thus making available all of the improvements of the new generation, only and exclusively on the console. For details related to the possibilities of book FIFA 21 getting bonus, refer, finally, to the news dedicated to the announcement of the game .

If, on the one hand it was predictable that the announcement of FIFA 21 during the EA Play was directed to the improvements of the engine Frostbite dedicated to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the other does not hide a hint of disappointment is the total absence of gameplay in the pictures shown. Especially considering that at this point in past years we had already had the opportunity to touch the new edition of FIFA, through dedicated events or tests made at E3. Keep an eye also on the situation related to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which in the case of the absence of relevant products may give us the ability to access the "real" FIFA 21 only with the arrival of the new console during the christmas period. For the moment it is obviously impossible to say too much, so we just have to give appointment to the next few weeks.

CERTAINTIES The return of a Time Loading reduced to a total-immersion Opportunity to bring the progress of FUT on next gen DOUBTS Because of the passage of the progress on the next gen does not also applies to the career? Very little information on the versions of PS4 and Xbox One Gameplay yet to be discovered

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