Call of Duty Warzone, weapon balance patch coming soon

Call of Duty Warzone, weapon balance patch coming soon
Call of Duty Warzone is again at the center of a controversy unleashed by the community, unhappy with how the developers are managing the general arms balance. In fact, in the current goal of the battle royale, there are few really valid weapons to win the gunfights, and this totally nullifies the variety of fire mouths in the game. In this regard, the players asked for the intervention of the developers, and the latter were not slow to respond.

Joe Cecot, executive of Infinity Ward, replied to a fan who complained as much as the weapons in Call of Duty Warzone are unbalanced: in fact, as the boy points out, the lobbies are dominated by the presence of the Grau 5.556 which is literally ruining the game experience in Warzone and is present at least 90% of the time in the killcam when you are killed by an opposing player.

We have a batch of weapon tuning in the works for the mid season update. Patch notes will outline when they drop 🙂

- Joe Cecot (@JoeCecot) June 19, 2020

Cecot has specified that the development team is currently working on a patch that will change the general balance of weapons, and which will be released in the mid-season update. Despite the manager's statements, however, it is not clear whether the patch will involve different types of weapons, going to enhance those that for various reasons are less used, or only to the weapons that dominate the Call of Duty Warzone games, such as the Grau.

We just have to wait a few weeks, before we can receive the patch notes dedicated to the mid-season update, which, together with the changes to the weapons, will also introduce a new map from MW2, a new rifle and a new operator bundle, given that Season 4 has only arrived a few days ago.

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