Borderlands 3: the new video celebrates the launch of the Blood Cut DLC

Borderlands 3: the new video celebrates the launch of the Blood Cut DLC
Returning from the battles fought in the Borderlands 3 Weapons of Love and Tentacles expansion, the Crypt Hunters return to action in the new gameplay video that celebrates the launch of Bloodsize, the third of the four DLCs of the Season Pass of the open world shooter of Gearbox.

Called to the planet Gehenna by the sheriff of Vestige, the heroes of Borderlands 3 have to deal with the Forsaken, a band of mercenaries who are harassing citizens and who deserve to receive a lesson from interplanetary travelers from the Sanctuary 3.

With Blood Cut, the emuls of the Crypt Hunters in possession of the Season Pass can travel the vast plains of Gehenna and have fun in a series of adventures full of wacky characters to cross, armed enemies up to teeth and a lot of loot to recover.

As the hours of the game pass, it will also be possible to witness the reconstruction of the city of Vestige and contribute ively with challenges that, once completed, will have an impact on the lives of the inhabitants. There will also be activities of the crew such as the search for treasures and the hunt for bounties that hang on the beasts, bandits and lieutenants of the Poor people who infest Gehenna.

The players who try their hand at the activities offered by Blood Cut can acquire new cosmetic items and recover even more devastating legendary loot. The release of the third Borderlands 3 DLC coincides with the launch of a free update that brings the maximum level reached by the Crypt Hunters to 60.

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