Amazon: two billion for the Climate Pledge Fund

Amazon: two billion for the Climate Pledge Fund
Two billion dollars made available to companies that develop technologies and services for sustainability: this is the new economic effort announced by Amazon under the so-called Climate Pledge Fund. Among the group's objectives on this front is to eliminate its emissions by 2040.

Climate Pledge Fund: Amazon and clean energy

The funds will also be used for projects related to transport and logistics, manufacturing and materials industry, circular economy, food and agriculture as well as storage and distribution of clean energy. Currently, the companies that will benefit from it have not been disclosed. Verizon, Infosys and Reckitt Benckiser recently joined the project.

For its part, Amazon has promised to use only energy from renewable sources by 2025 in each branch of its business, exploiting electric vehicles to manage e-commerce deliveries as early as next year thanks to a maxi-order sent to Rivian in 2019. Number one Jeff Bezos also drew up a ten billion dollar allowance with the aim of tackling climate change through the initiatives supported by the Bezos Earth Fund.

Projects put in place also following employee mobilization : over 3,500 have signed an open letter addressed to the CEO asking to make the business more sustainable as done in the recent past by all the biggest companies in the hi-tech world.

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