Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, all we know

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, all we know


Maybe you thought that next year, with a lot of luck, you should have chosen which was the best Final Fantasy of 2023 between Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and instead Square Enix has thought about choosing for you, because when a Theatrhythm takes the field there is no more history.

Also because it is an RPG without a story, or at least it did not have Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival, which seemed to have closed the series back in 2016 ... but who knows, Square Enix might surprise us . Did you understand that we are huge fans of this musical series? We explain why as we recap everything we know about Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line.

Music, maestro

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, a Final Fantasy VII EMS stage Long story short, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call was a blast to play, and not only because it was intuitive, simple and immediate, but also because it was played on the notes of over 200 songs taken from all Final Fantasy - and more! - released so far, and if there is one thing that always makes everyone agree, regardless of the Final Fantasy we talk about and its problems, it is the music.

For those unfamiliar with the subject, let's try to explain the gameplay. Essentially, you choose a song and tackle the musical minigame by pressing the keys that appear on the screen at the right time: the interface helps a lot, in this sense, and the threeindieszero developer had also devised two control systems, one touch and the other manual, to meet all tastes. Obviously, the better you follow the rhythm, the more points you accumulate in view of the evaluation at the end of the song.

The musical minigames were essentially divided into three categories: BMS, FMS and EMS. The former are real fights in which you interact with three different types of notes (touch, scroll and pressure). FMS depict heroes traveling, some on foot and some in Chocobo or airship, but basically they function like BMS. Finally, the EMS take place with a film in the background that makes it more complicated to follow the intertwining of notes on the screen. And so far we are in the perspective of almost every self-respecting rhythm game.

Theatrhythm, however, was also a role-playing game. By completing the various musical challenges in the different game modes, more than 60 characters belonging to the saga were unlocked, complete with experience points and skills or spells to be unlocked by leveling up. The player then combined them into a band of up to four characters participating in stages, battling enemies and unleashing attacks based on the player's performance: between summons, spells and Limit Break, there was a bit of everything and it worked damnably. well in terms of fanservice.

Final Bar Line

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, the complete Final Fantasy XV party And so we told you about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call, but What does it have to do with the new Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line? Well, it has to do with it because, judging from the trailer, the new game works the same, identical way, with all the improvements introduced in the arcade Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival. This is a relief when we consider Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory's unsuccessful experiment.

The difference is in the amount of characters and music and in the game modes that include the brand new Pair mode for cooperative games. Online multiplayer is also back, where four players must complete a stage together, but can also get in the way of each other using the Burst abilities of selected characters in an attempt to excel at the time of evaluation.

In this sense, Square Enix has confirmed that Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line has been designed for all types of players and, just like in previous titles, there will be various difficulty levels to choose from that will not preclude any content . So it will be possible to take it easy, or even ignore the gameplay to enjoy the songs and cinematic movies unlocked in the Theater mode.

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, you can't miss "Battle on the Big Bridge" Of characters, this time, there will be almost a hundred: threeindieszero added, among others, the three travel companions of Noctis and Aranea from Final Fantasy XV, Y'shtola, Thancred, Yda and Alphinaud from Final Fantasy XIV, new invocations and so on . As for the music, however, the speech becomes a little more complex, because at the launch there will be 385 music tracks, taken from the main Final Fantasy and from the many spin-offs released over the years, such as Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy: Mobius and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

You may have noticed, however, that the game is no longer titled Theatrhythm Final Fantay, but Theatrhythm and that's it, with Final Bar Line subtitle. The reason is simple: Square Enix will offer a series of DLCs in different formats that expand the repertoire of music by embracing many other brands of the Japanese company, including NieR, The World Ends with You, Mana, Octopath Traveler, Xenogears and more. br>
Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line, an image of the multiplayer mode The way in which these paid tracks can be unlocked is, however, a bit wrapped up. We assume that Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line will be released in three editions. The Standard Edition, available for physical or digital purchase, includes the aforementioned 385 tracks from the Final Fantasy series. The Digital Deluxe Edition includes all the music of the Standard Edition, 27 additional tracks and also all the contents of Season Pass 1, for a total of 442 tracks. Finally, the Premium Digital Deluxe Edition includes all the tracks of the Standard edition, the 27 additional tracks of the Digital Deluxe, and all the contents of the Season Pass from the first to the third, for a total of 502 tracks.

The Season Passes will be three in total and will include all the add-on packs that Square Enix plans to release from launch through Fall 2023. Although packs can be purchased individually, Season Passes offer up to 30 songs in one go for one price. a little smaller than the sum of all packets. And that's it: now we just have to wait for February to get our hands on the game, even if the release of a demo version in the near future is not excluded.

The announcement of Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line was one of the best of the already great Nintendo Direct, because no one expected Square Enix to resurrect one of its best-loved spin-offs. We've spent hundreds of hours on Curtain Call and can't wait to get back to collecting songs, characters and skills in the new title, which will include a disproportionate amount of songs already at launch, to be expanded with an additional selection of DLC.


The music of Final Fantasy, and more The particular structure makes it enormously replayable DOUBTS We do not know if and how much the RPG component has been improved The addition of so many songs to payment could turn your nose upside down Have you noticed any mistakes?

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