The unmissable Robottoni for every collector

The unmissable Robottoni for every collector

If instead of dreaming of California you have always dreamed of Japan and its legendary Robottoni so as to be your daily bread, we are sure this article will be right for you!

We have selected the best robots that can still be found on the market at an affordable price even after being sold-out for several years.

If you are newbies or old collectors who want to recover mechas that have marked your childhood, this is the right time to do it.

The best Robots

Selected products:

Gordian - NEW Voltes V DX - NEW Trider G7 Full Action Mazinger Z Jeeg Color Version Eva 01 Metal Build Ufo Robot Grendizer Mazinger Z Anime Color Edition Getter 1 Getter 2 & 3 Eva 01 - 00 Robot Spirits Jeeg Steel Robot


On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the first Italian television appearance (1981), Tamashii Nations delights us with the highly anticipated Gordian for the Soul of Chogokin line. This beautiful robot is an engineering jewel, in fact just like in the anime the three robots fit into each other to give life to the fearsome Gordian.

»Gordian is available for purchase online

Voltes V DX

The Voltes V (or if you prefer Vultus V) also arrives in the DX Soul of Chogokin line from Bandai Spirits / Tamashii Nations with a new extraordinary model. The Voltes can be composed in robotic form reaching a height of 36 cm or broken down into 5 vehicles: Cruise, Bomber, Panzer, Frigate and Lander.

»Voltes V DX is available for online purchase

Trider G7

Tamashii Nations by popular demand reissues the invincible robot Trider G7, another iconic robot of the 80s. This new version with a color more faithful to the anime will be transformable and will have supplied with the Trider Shuttle which in this GX-66R has replaced the Trider Shuttle of the GX-66. The Trider G7 will be about 24 cm high, fully articulated and made of metal and plastic.

»Trider G7 is available for online purchase

Full Action

The Full Action line of Tamashii Nations was created to make transformable robots with little posability into real and their own dynamic action figures (therefore not transformable) able to reach extreme poses thanks to a large number of enhanced joints, which allow a great variety of movements. About 18 cm tall they are made of ABS, PVC and Die-cast are equipped with numerous distinctive accessories. There are currently six releases: Voltes V, Daitarn 3, Daimos, Zambot 3, Combattler V and Ideon.

»Voltes V is available for online purchase

» Daitarn 3 is available for online purchase

»Daimos is available for online purchase

» Zambot 3 is available for online purchase

»Combattler V is available for online purchase

»Ideon is available for online purchase

Mazinger Z Jeeg Color Version

This beautiful limited edition of Mazinger Z with the coloring that recalls Jeeg Robot d steel is part of the Tamashii Nations SRC line. In addition to having an amazing posability to recreate ultra dynamic attack poses, it is a must-have piece in your personal collection.

»Mazinger Z Jeeg Color Version is available for purchase online

Eva 01 Test Type - Metal Build

This action figure is a re-edition of the Eva 01 previously proposed. What changes from the old version? We tell you right away: first of all, it will enjoy a new metallic color and in addition it will be equipped with the 39 cm long Lancia di Longinus that was not available in the previous version. Among the numerous accessories that we will find there will be: a display support base, interchangeable hands and various weapons. The eva 01 is made of metal and plastic and is 22 cm high.

»The Eva 01 Test Type - Metal Build is available for online purchase

Ufo Robot Grendizer

The first robot in animated version to arrive in Italy was the Grandizer himself, known in Italy as Grendizer. This edition much more similar to the cartoon came out a few years ago but is still available at a "normal" price since it has not yet been sold out in stock. Made of both plastic and metal, it is fully articulated and has many accessories to simulate the 1000 battles that we have always admired in the cartoon. A piece not to be missed.

»Ufo Robot Grendizer is available for online purchase

Mazinger Z Anime Color Edition

Another 90 piece that the nostalgic will remember very well. The robot most loved by the Japanese of the master Go Nagai is re-proposed in a color that reflects the cartoon version that we saw on TV as children. The attention to detail is really excellent and thanks to the many articulations, the figure has a great posability.

»Mazinger Anime Color Edition is available for online purchase

Getter 1

For the Dynamic Classic line, the company has created the robot inspired by the animated version of “Getter Robot“ (better known in Italy as Space Robot), completely redesigned and produced with the most modern technologies. Created with numerous pivot points and Die cast parts, for a total height of approximately 18 cm.

»Getter 1 Dynamic Classic is available for online purchase

Getter 2 & 3

Directly from the anime “Getter Robot” comes Soul of Chogokin DC. of Getters 2 & 3. Sold in a single package, the figures made of plastic and metal are 17 and 10 cm high and are very detailed. Both come with accessories and interchangeable parts.

»Getter 2 & 3 Dynamic Classic are available for online purchase

Eva 01 - 00 Robot Spirits

The Robot Spirits line presents models of Eva 01 and Eva 00 taken from “Rebuild of Evangelion“. This line features particularly articulated and accessorized models, made entirely of pre-colored plastic, rich in details and with a design generally very faithful to its animated counterparts.

»Eva 01 Test Type is available for online purchase

»Eva 00 is available for online purchase

Jeeg Robot Made of steel

The famous Jeeg Robot made of steel (Kotetsu Jeeg, the original Japanese name) is also one robots that have marked our childhood. Who has never worn a pair of gloves and threw himself into the air shouting "Jeeg Robot d’Acciao" hasn't hoped to turn into the head of the robot with a Miwa ready to throw the components? This beautiful Jeeg is part of Tamashii Nations SRC line, has perfect proportions, excellent posability and you can recreate an infinite number of ultra dynamic attack poses.

»Jeeg Robot D'Acciaio is available for online purchase

Yes but… which robot to choose?

If all these robots have attracted your attention and you don't know where to start, we can give you a little help. Let's open a small partnership, telling you that all these robots have a very different price range between them, so our advice is always to start with your favorite if you have the economic opportunity. Surely at the moment the most difficult to take is the Voltes V DX, simply for two reasons: the already exorbitant price at the release and it is currently already sold-out everywhere.

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