The secret of the happy gamer? Choose compatible games!

The secret of the happy gamer? Choose compatible games!

How many complaints are there around the so-called backlog? "I have too many games to play", "the shopping list gets longer but I can't finish one", and so on. We know that the problem is common because luckily for us we live in contact with the public, moreover it does not take a genius to guess how the more and more games as gifts, for example those of the Epic Store, will only make the situation worse.

It takes a method to survive what a few years ago would have been the perfect description of paradise: free games for everyone! And the method cannot be other than choosing the experiences to play with extreme care, trying in every way not to overlap experiences that are too similar, or that require an almost totalizing commitment. Anyone who talks about video games knows this problem well, since he often has many titles in his hands at the same time, and can therefore provide you with some good advice to not overdo it, thus avoiding burning excellent games, but played badly.

Here some simple tips to avoid ruining your life with your own hands and be a happy gamer.

Winning couples

The most important thing is to choose one or more games that are compatible between of them. It is not as easy as it seems because often the exponents of a genre arrive in waves: for three months it seems that nothing but long role-playing games will come out, the following ones instead it is the turn of the action. It is therefore very easy that, those who love a genre at that moment on the crest of the wave, end up grabbing everything that comes out, and when you already have two excellent RPGs in your hands you are already partially in trouble. This is because an enthusiast cannot resist, he loads them both as soon as possible and in some cases even tries to carry them on at the same time, overloading himself with practically mirror-like gameplay situations and mechanics.

We must therefore avoid overlapping two games of the same genre, and this is clearly the most obvious advice. Slightly more complex is organizing your passion by turning to games that are so different, but also compatible with each other: better not to start a graphic adventure if you are already struggling with the mileage texts of a well-rounded role-playing game, as it is better not support two different sportsmen, even more so if used in a competitive perspective which by its nature requires constant training if you do not want to face the stress of a fool.

Never combine a role-playing game with another role-playing game The happy gamer is therefore the one who knows how to buy by expanding the possibilities at his disposal, instead of multiplying the same to infinity. Bayonetta is joined by The Witcher 3, The Last of Us Part II by a Sea of ​​Thieves, and so on, in a game of contrasts that can fill our stomachs according to our needs.

By following a similar strategy, various spaces are also opened for experimentation: it is right to be on the safe side, it is equally so to try to get out of our comfort zone by trying different games, never tried before, which could give rise to new ones passions.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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