The best gadgets for a true Nintendo fan | May 2021

The best gadgets for a true Nintendo fan | May 2021

Let's go back to talking about wonderful collectibles, and we do so by pointing out those that are the products of one of the most exciting brands in the videogame world, that is Nintendo which, we are sure, also counts among many of you some inexhaustible aficionados, equally divided between who - like who writes to you - lives in the hope that sooner or later an Amiibo by Mario Tanuki will arrive on the shelves, and who has been collecting cartridges since the days of the NES.

In fact, the craze for products Nintendo animates millions of players around the world, thanks to an almost adamic love for what has been, and will always be, one of the most important houses of video game culture. It does not matter whether you are 8, 18, 38 or 100 years old: Nintendo will always know how to make you happy in some way, proposing itself from time to time with that original idea ready to conquer even that heart less interested (or in love) than that "Nintendo Difference" which has changed and rewritten the rules of the entertainment market from time to time. It doesn't matter how or when - it will just happen.

With this heart swollen with a love impossible to explain in words, of those who grew up burning their eyes by attaching themselves prematurely to a Game Boy too good to be forgotten (after all this time? Always!), we propose today another of our periodic events dedicated to themed gadgets containing some beautiful items that will make any Nintendo fan worthy of the name fall in love with.

In this round we have not merely aimed at the collectible product as such, at the one - that is - that can gain value over time within the sector of collecting. It didn't seem the case. In honor of that difference and that love of all things "playful", we have opted for a list of items that, just like Nintendo titles, manage to combine charm, functionality and fun for all ages. Ready to spend hard cash?

The best gadgets for a true Nintendo fan

Yoshi's egg lamp The NES-inspired mouse The SNES sweatshirt The chess set The Legend of Zelda The bracelet by Mario Kart Koopa Cup I Fight Pad Pro Zelda's Fridge Magnet Set The Tetris Lamp The Nendoroid from Breath of the Wild

Yoshi's Egg Lamp

If you are a Nintendo fan you can't help but love Yoshi, the funny dinosaur immolated by now countless times in an attempt to allow us that saving leap beyond various ditches and ravines. Peaceful and clumsy, but also incredibly agile despite his funny appearance, Yoshi has always been a loving and reliable companion and anyone who hasn't loved him at least since Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island lies knowing they are lying. Powered by a USB cable, this beautiful Yoshi egg-shaped lamp seems like the best object to have at home to remind the world of your love for Nintendo products and, in particular, for Yoshi. Produced by Paladone under official license, it measures 23 x 20 x 20 and, although it is not enough to illuminate any room in the house, its comforting soft light will give any environment a peaceful and carefree appearance, just like Yoshi is.

The wireless mouse inspired by the NES

More than a mouse, this article created by 8BitDo seems like a real his act of love to the world of retrogaing and, specifically, to Nintendo's legendary NES. It is basically a wireless mouse that, instead of just repeating the typical gray color of the console, partly takes up the shapes of its very squared pad, re-proposing the design of the red and round keys of the NES pad as well as its directional cross. This is an article that is perhaps not the best in terms of ergonomics and functionality but which, it must be said, is perhaps one of the most beautiful and characteristic mice that a gamer could wish for. When we say "style".

The Super Nintendo sweatshirt

Normally we avoid including clothing in our lists, because we often it is about trivial products whose invoice - let's face it - differs little from the promotional products that could literally throw you in your face at any trade fair. Yet we could only make an exception in this case, because just looking at it, this Nintendo sweatshirt dedicated to the timeless NES has style and elegance to sell. Almost entirely gray, in the same shade as the legendary console, it has simple and elegant black finishes with inserts on the arms that recall the knurling present on the console. As mentioned it is an extremely simple product, but finished in an excellent way and with a textile quality well above the average of other licensed products. Must have!

The Legend of Zelda chess set

Excluding Magic and D&D, there is no more nerdy pastime than chess. On this tour we have found for you the fantastic chess set dedicated to The Legend of Zelda which, in this specific collector's edition, features vinyl pieces with metallic finishes, whose quality - believe us - has nothing to envy to sets composed entirely metal or alloy. The game board is thin but durable, the pieces are artfully sculpted, and the packaging is also of the highest quality, making the entire set a perfect gift for a friend ... or yourself. You can finally defeat Ganon without the help of the Master Sword!

The Mario Kart bracelet

Ok , this is objectively one of the most beautiful things that have ever been seen in terms of licensed gadgets. It is a metal bracelet with magnetic closure which, recharged thanks to a USB cable, lights up thanks to intermittent LEDs present under the drawn surface! The motif is reminiscent of the legendary Rainbow Road, which is then re-proposed in different sauces within each chapter of the Mario Kart series. The design is simple and captivating, and it is possible to turn the LEDs on and off at will (excellent, considering that the best of itself, this bracelet, obviously gives it in the dark). Charging takes about an hour, and it only takes a few minutes to make the accessory operational again. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

The Koopa cup

Breakfast is that time of day when many of us don't want to be disturbed (who he writes to you is like this). In short, you have just got out of bed, the caffeine has not yet started circulating in your veins, and the thought of having to get to work can make you in a slightly malformed mood. Yet, despite this, there are still those who inexplicably try to talk to you early in the morning. The solution? With this mug in the shape of a Koopa shell you will make everyone understand that it is better not to bother you. In fact, no one should ever underestimate the power of a Koopa shell, especially when it is launched and can do considerable damage to your enemies. Not that you are being invited to throw ceramic mugs around the house, but if you really have to throw something…

I Fight Pad Pro by Link and Zelda

With the advent of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, one of the most loved pads by Nintendo players, as well as the one that best suits the Smash Bros game style, has made its welcome return to Nintendo Switch for which, according to the myth, it seems that the pad was specially designed. We are obviously talking about the GameCube pad, which is officially back on Switch (produced directly by Nintendo) with the name of Fight Pad Pro, a wired pad completely identical, if not in color, to the classic controller for the Cube. In addition to nostalgia, it is objectively an excellent pad for playing Nintendo fighting games, so much so that it is an almost obligatory purchase unless, of course, you do not already own a comfortable Pad Pro. Our suggestion, in any case, is to give a ' look at the special editions that the Big N has put on the market for the characters of Link and Zelda who, in their extreme simplicity, are as beautiful to look at as they are to be held. Available in simple colors (black and white), the pads have few but very stylish details and represent one of the best choices for gamers who also have a passion for collecting limited edition products. Trust me: one day they will be worth a lot.

» Click here to buy Zelda's Fight Pad Pro

The Zelda Fridge Magnet Set

Are you a fan of The Legend of Zelda series classics? Has building dungeons always been your dream? Does your refrigerator look sad and forlorn? If you think that there cannot be a common solution to these three problems then know that you are wrong! In fact, these sets of fridge magnets depicting different components of the classic Zelda dungeons, from empty rooms to monsters, up to trees and characters, are in fact on the market, strictly officially licensed. The set includes 20 rather generously sized magnets, all scratch-proof, and really very beautiful to look at in their vintage sprites that, looking at them today, look like nothing more than 30 years ... and in fact it is exactly like that. Love, nostalgia and creativity for less than 10 euros!

The Tetris Lamp

Ok, it's not really a Nintendo game but, undeniably, anyone who grew up between the late '80s and the roaring' 90s will associate Tetris with one thing, and only one: the Game Boy. Best seller of the Nintendo portable brick, Tetris is almost certainly one of the best-selling video games in history, landed in every sauce and in many forms on half an infinite number of platforms, but in some way always linked to Nintendo history, as evidenced also by its most recent incarnation: this wonderful Tetris 99 which, in its strange “battle royale” formula, keeps millions of players all over the world glued. So, if we talk about Nintendo fans, it was difficult for us not to dedicate at least one tail product to Tetris, an opportunity offered to us by this beautiful assembly lamp that, just like the game's tetrominoes, can be arranged as you like! Composed of 7 pieces of different shapes and colors, these light up to form a lamp as long as they match in some way with the base piece, which is the one to which the energy is actually used for lighting. The trick is given by the material with which the edges of the individual pieces are made, able to pass the current to each piece as long as there is contact. The individual pieces, therefore, excluding the base, are completely untied and without wires and allow a free arrangement of the lamp: yes, it is simply one of the most beautiful things in the world!

The Nendoroid from Breath of the Wild

Beautiful and full of accessories, the Nendoroids are a line of action figures produced by Good Smile Company, a Japanese company among the main producers of figures in the anime and videogame field and which, in recent years, has specialized in these particular articulated figures with delightful features. Characterized by their particular proportion, with small limbs and a very large head, the Nendoroids are not only delightful to look at, but they are also very rich in details, both in terms of clothing and accessories, and enjoy a truly enviable posability by most. of the action figure landscape. There are now an impressive number of them, with some much rarer than others, but our favorite is certainly the one we propose, dedicated to the character of Link, according to the features of the extraordinary Breath of the Wild. This edition, in particular, called DX Edition (where DX stands for "deluxe"), in addition to the character of Link complete with cape, sword, shield, ax, club, bow and Sheikah tablet, is even proposed with the Epona horse directly in bundle, also articulated and equipped with a saddle! Considering the selling price, generally below 80 euros (which is truly incredible considering the large number of accessories and the attention to detail), this Nendoroid by Link can only become part of the collection of any self-respecting fan, regardless of whether or not he loved that masterpiece that was BotW. To buy without ifs and buts!

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