Video games I hate you! But only for these ten reasons ...

Video games I hate you! But only for these ten reasons ...

Small things, at first sight insignificant, yet when they occur they are still able to ruin those five very important minutes, those that should have been dedicated only to amusement. There are things much more serious and unbearable, this is true, but there are also more small and insignificant ones. Then stop pretending nothing has happened, you too will surely hate that little detail, that little mistake that occurs a thousand times in a thousand different games, just don't say it around for fear of being mistaken for crazy. Also for this reason we have decided to take the first step, break the ice with our own list of things we hate about video games, in order to allow you, friends of, to vent the repressed anger that you harbor at yours. inside, telling us in the comments at the bottom of the page what you can't stand about today's video games.

Just like a group therapy ...

Press Start or what?

Let's start with the most ridiculous thing of all, but it's also one of those things that makes you think, that puts the worm of doubt in your brain. Like in PlayStation 4 games, when after loading you get to the headline in full screen and below the word "press the Option button to continue" flashes, you know? As you may have noticed, especially if you are beautiful and rebellious like us, behind that message lies a beautiful and good lie: in fact, to continue you can press any key, not necessarily Option, which was better when it was called Start and they know it all. 'This is what bothers me because if you fool me once, you have no problem doing it again.

I open the Nat to you

The Nat, is there anything more bastard? How do you feel today, with Nat open or closed? I would say moderate, thanks. This is what makes you crazy. We know that the Nat is a fundamental mechanism on the Internet, but pay attention to it: since you first heard of it, has your life got better or worse? But of course it has gotten worse, because no one wants to have anything to do with the Nat. And let's face it this (half) truth: when you have problems out of the blue with the Nat, it is very likely that the fault lies with the game, and its servers. So it is useless to sweat on the router, even if it is impossible not to. Enough even with the chimera of the open Nat, only Jeff Bezos has it, and it is absolutely not essential to play your favorite game with dignity.

How much did you say it costs?

This is us it's crazy, because it's incredibly stupid to happen. We refer to the prices that disappear once you have purchased a product from the store. Do you buy Little Goofy heroic puppy? From that moment, instead of the price, you will find the giant inscription "PURCHASED" omnipresent. But if I want to know how much a game costs at a given time, what do I do? Do I have to scratch the screen with the coin? Luckily everyone is gradually understanding this ...

Signs that disappear

Here we have to be serious, put a smile on the bedside table for a moment. This is a serious problem and should be solved as soon as possible, luckily the error is made only by some games. We refer to the icon that in the inventories indicates the objects and documents just collected, the new stuff. In some games this icon, or token, disappears simply by hovering the cursor over it, which you have to do if you just want to scroll through the list. The result of this apparent trifle is to make the newly collected things indistinguishable from what we already had. This simply does not have to happen: an object or document must remain highlighted as new until it is examined. Gee!

Come on, adjust the HDR!

HDR is a bomb, all these new colors allow shades to scream and what depth. With HDR it would be all pink and out, if each game did not do its own thing, often proposing adjustments that simply do not change anything, or whose logic is very difficult to understand since then the final result is totally different from that. that you would expect after spending ten minutes watching a fucking starry sky, a totally useless test image but that the developers have probably chosen for the bucolic and soothing atmospheres.

What the hell am I selecting?

Another UI error, typically committed by independent developers who still don't know all the tricks of the trade, is the one that doesn't make you understand what you are selecting. It often happens in dialogues. You have two options that change shape and lighting if you "pass over it", only the one you are selecting looks less selected than the one you are not selecting. Are you there? Are you following us? That is, when the option not selected, it still seems to be selected as if not more than the selected one, the one on which the cursor is, the cross of the pad, I don't know what the hell you call it in your house. When this happens, to try to understand what we are positioned on, we start moving the lever to the right and to the left, with the result of becoming even more confused. Practically labyrinthine.

Cannolodimare74 wants to play with you

We don't feel very comfortable talking about this topic. In fact, we fear that behind the invitations to play Minecraft that apparently start by mistake, there is something extraordinarily shady behind it. Seven colored, vintage Satanists, reptilians in skirts, we do not know and perhaps we do not even want to know, but there must be an explanation behind it. How? Has this ever happened to you? But are you really sure? Because for us it is a constant: if we turn on a device, any device, sooner or later the invitation to Minecraft will arrive, perhaps in the middle of the night when we will be at the peak of psychophysical fragility. The scariest part is that the invitation to play Minecraft, this goddamn invitation to play Minecraft, always comes from people you don't know. Strangers inviting you to play that you probably don't even own. Stuff like Edgar Allan Poe.

And with only 10 Euros more ...

The game costs 60, but if you give me 70 I will give you a sword that is dacciaiotemperatosquartadraghi that is not you know it and you can't even imagine it is crazy: it's called Dayanord and it screams under the full moon. After ten minutes of gameplay you find a better one. But there is something worse than the rip-off bonus object, the one that really works and spoils you the best moment of any game: when you have everything to learn and every challenge still feels like an insurmountable problem.

Please, can I live?

It happens that the writer loves bondage gameplay, the ones that hurt with silly rules like if you die I cancel the rescue, if you jump too many times I will come to the intercom at night . But the impossibility of pausing an offline game I find it a really unfortunate choice. But how, instead of finding a way to pause the online game, if it were ever possible, do we copy the most obnoxious obligations? People are busy: the phone rings, aunt dies, floods below, the courier arrives, Patroclus the mastiff has the intestinal virus. Emergencies must be respected.

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