Spotify will add hearing impaired transcripts to its podcasts

Spotify will add hearing impaired transcripts to its podcasts

Spotify aims to become an application accessible to users with hearing or visual disabilities. Automatic subtitles in podcasts and a new layout with more visible colors and text are the first step in this direction

(Image: Spotify) Spotify has unveiled the beta version of a feature that transcribes podcasts in real time and, in addition, it announced that it will change its look to be more easily used by visually impaired users.

As part of the beta test program, Spotify will start automatically transcribing the speech of some exclusive and original programs as early as the next few weeks. Thanks to this novelty, people will be able to read the transcripts with or without the audio activated and will be able to view the entire text by selecting a point of the speech to which to jump in case, for example, you want to dwell on a passage detail of the speech. The company's goal is to enable transcripts in all podcasts on Spotify.

This feature, designed to allow deaf users to access podcast content, is also particularly useful for all those users who prefer to read a text rather than listen to people talking. In addition, having the transcript of the podcast at hand allows users to scroll directly to the desired point of the intervention without having to guess the correct time each time. With this move Spotify is one of the first podcast applications to make broadcast subtitles an automated feature.

Transcripts, however, are not the only novelty that Spotify will present. In fact, the app will redo its look by changing the colors of the buttons and changing the formatting and size of the texts. The idea is to make the platform easier to use even by people with low vision and visual impairments.

Different colors, larger texts and a more streamlined layout are solutions that will allow visually impaired users to navigate and use the app more easily. But as with the subtitles in podcasts, designed for hearing impaired users but also usable by everyone else, these visual solutions will also be useful for all users. Spotify, in fact, has designed them to help users navigate in situations of low light or annoying reflections on the screen. The graphical interface and the text size will be modifiable in the app settings under "accessibility".

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