Resident Evil Village, Mercenary Mode tips

Resident Evil Village, Mercenary Mode tips

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is finally available to be played and fleshed out by all. You can read our evaluations in the review and waiting for targeted insights, for this inevitably spoiler, we offer you a simple guide to one of the most requested modes to replace other attempts not too pleasing to users: the Mercenaries.

For those unfamiliar with it, it is an extra content first introduced with Resident Evil 4, then maintained in the fifth and sixth chapter with some variations (such as co-op). Resident Evil: Revelations and Resident Evil: Revelations 2 have instead opted for a mode called Raid, different but still inspired by the previous one.

The original goal was to survive certain stages by the end of time, with the challenge to get the maximum rating in order to get the famous Handcannon: the hordes of enemies were endless, the bullets were scarce, there were specific bosses to make your life more complex and scattered around the level of the hourglasses helped you to increase the maximum time available. A necessary risk, because the score was closely linked to our performance, in particular to the number of combos that allowed a greater accumulation of points. Mercenaries was an incredibly rewarding mode, which even benefited the co-op in terms of fun even though Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 had their drawbacks. With Resident Evil Village, however, things got a little different.

Speed ​​and efficiency

Resident Evil Village, efficiency and speed count in Mercenaries The new Mercenary Mode is no longer based on resilience but on speed of execution combined with effectiveness - in fact remember plus the Raids of Revelations: each level is divided into three areas, each with specific conditions for completion (basic, a precise number of kills). It always starts from the Duke's room, in such a way as to be able to manage the equipment and related ammunition, which are always in abundance, and then jump into the action. Unlike what happened in Resident Evil 4, here there is a limited amount of enemies, after which you must necessarily move to the next area. This reverses the situation with respect to the bonus misadventures of Leon and his companions, who instead embarked on a real fight for survival: it does not mean that we cannot die here too, especially in the more advanced levels, but clearly the focus is on our ability to manage time, keep the combo active and eliminate as many enemies as possible before moving elsewhere. The final score counter for each area, in fact, will take into account both the collected money and the advanced available time, converting both into points: it goes without saying that you will have to adapt your strategy, this time, to a sort of everything and immediately . The more you hurry while staying efficient, the higher your score will be.

Don't aim for the stars right away

Resident Evil Village, in the Mercenaries you will face all the enemies of the main game Like any new content, even if similar to something we've seen and played before, Mercenaries takes some practice to master: you have to find the right weapon, learn enemy spawn points, how to maintain the combo, and so on. Your first objective, therefore, must be to play in a relaxed way to know the different levels and with the sole objective of obtaining a B - a rather simple result. Why? Simple, there are rewards for each rank and snatching a B from the game will guarantee you an extra 5,000 Lei at the beginning of the game: it may seem like little but it is an incredible help in building your future strategy.

Skills for all tastes

Resident Evil Village, even in Mercenaries defending yourself is not something to forget Mercenaries, in addition to the golden orbs to increase the maximum time, offers some destroyed blue which you can choose one of three skills: it is It is important to immediately know the strategy to use and decide accordingly, without fear of accumulating the same skills. Their effectiveness increases from time to time, if you do it, it may therefore not be necessary to "build" Ethan to make it homogeneous but rather to focus on specific traits that will enhance your style more. Often you also need to know how to improvise, the important thing is to learn where these blue orbs are and interact with them perhaps before starting your carnage, so as to be sure you can facilitate the accumulation of the combo and keep it.

En garde!

Although Mercenaries offers you a respectable arsenal, the knife is not a weapon to be taken into little consideration, on the contrary: in our case it was even the basis of a strategy to overcome a level as well as possible. Normally, this tiny blade would tickle Lycans or the like, who would use it to clean their teeth and nails at the most. However, there is a particular skill that is unlocked by achieving rank A: Masamune. In fact, it boosts the damage inflicted with the knife by ten times at the expense of that of other weapons and seen in this way it may not be worth the candle at all. The point is that the Duke's shop will not sell the same weapons in every level, so if in some you could rely on a shotgun or a sniper rifle (especially affordable in terms of price and quantity of ammunition), there will come a time. in which equipment such as magnums or grenade launchers will prove to be the only ones available, counterproductive both for the cost and for the scarcity of bullets: here the knife combined with the Masamune skill and a little trick like that of blinding grenades come into play . As we wrote above, you will often have to improvise and a weapon considered useless until then may turn out to be your salvation.

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